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About Leigh Graziano

Favorite Aspect: Meeting people with MS, riding through/down the mountains, hammocks, finially feeling normal about wearing a chamois, feeling new leg muscles, making s'mores, meeting incredibly nice strangers, eating often!, tailwinds & experiencing all of it it with awesome new friends

Most Challenging Aspect: Keeping hydrated & fed all the time! Saddle sores & finding the most comftorable position on your bike. Remembering to slow down

Advice: Use your map... seriously!! Make sure you have some Bike the US for MS stickers on you because people are probably going to ask whats up with all the spandex and matching clothes and maps and everything. Top off your waterbottle. Take the time to stop and check out the area - it all ends so fast, afterwards you'll wish you took the extra time to enjoy every second :)

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Leigh Graziano's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $3930
Sara Graziano $300.00
George Haag $250.00
Mary Calhoun $250.00
Susan Steen Graziano $250.00
Dorothy Murtagh $200.00
Marla Brennan $200.00
Scott Baker $200.00
Jeanne Travers $180.00
EMD Serono, Inc. $125.00
Ray Green $120.00
Anne Kutchmire $100.00
Barbara Bachman $100.00
Donald Belcher $100.00
Justin Stewart $100.00
Lisa Henkel $100.00
Lori Starkey $100.00
Mary McNeel $100.00
Rafael Lopez $100.00
Rolf Ahrens $100.00
Sara Baker $100.00
Tina Bush $100.00
Allan Sansotta $60.00
David Green $60.00
Jason Accardi $60.00
Joseph Steen $60.00
Josephine Graziano $60.00
Karen Wilgenbusch $60.00
Pat Fenda $60.00
Sandra Baker $60.00
Lynette Luff $50.00
Shawni Rae Ely $50.00
Stephanie Bayt $50.00
Susan Johnson $50.00
Frank Graziano $30.00
Laura Howard $25.00
Daniel Depperschmidt $20.00