About Matthew Brohawn

Hi, My name is Matt. I just finished my 6 year contract with the United States Navy. While on deployment I came across the "BikeTheUSForMS" website and fell in love with the idea. I am ecstatic to join the Southern Tier team to bike from San Diego, California to St Augustine, Florida. Not only will it be a huge accomplishment of my own, it is also for such a good cause, how could I say no?! I would really appreciate any donations you could part with. Also, if you are tight on money just spreading the word and awareness could really go a long way.

It is interesting that Multiple Sclereosis is known to weaken a person, yet the person I know with it has proved to be one of the strongest people I know. 

If you are able to donate, just click the button on the right :-)

Oh! By the way, all donations are tax deductable ;-)



Matthew Brohawn's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $3355
Irv and Betty Brohawn $500.00
Mike and Kathy Brohawn $500.00
Lisa Goff $300.00
April and Maddy Brohawn $250.00
GrandmaGrandad Kurtz $125.00
Dave Anderson $100.00
Kevin Phu $100.00
Leon Wessels $100.00
Lucy Greenwell $100.00
Matthew Brohawn $100.00
Ralph Medici $100.00
Sue Cockey $75.00
Brad Streett $50.00
Brett Hagerty $50.00
Caleb Washabau $50.00
Carol Brohawn $50.00
Edward Leisher $50.00
Lisa Lopez $50.00
Liz Weber $50.00
Sandra Caracofe $50.00
Sherry Washabau $50.00
Tim and Jill Brohawn $50.00
Timothy Johnston $50.00
Travis Ralston $50.00
Aaron Hanson $35.00
dylan dostal $30.00
Jamie Sheriff $30.00
Anita Patel $25.00
Bridget Kurtz $25.00
John Barkhurst $25.00
Robin Leland $25.00
Shane Bogardus $25.00
Sue Huber $25.00
Lynn Kyle $20.00
Michael Barnes $20.00
Michael Ryan $20.00
Sue Cook $20.00
Tyler Cockey $20.00