About David Duff

My name is David and I’m a late addition to the ride across America.  I had to check out the new equipment and put in a few hundred miles.  Thanks Southwest Bikes in Las Vegas for the advice and encouragement and equipment (shout out to Rocky and John).  This is my first foray into adventure biking and I look forward the challenge and the fun of it.  Given the weather in Texas and Louisiana this year, it may turn into a classic Man vs Nature clash.  Alicia thanks for the mountain climbing on weekends.  I appreciate the support of so many family members as this adventure begins, but especially my wife Tamara for her patience and understanding now and over many years.  For those friends and family members who need a tax write off, here is an opportunity.  Thanks in advance for any contributions.

David Duff's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $3070
Anonymous $1620.00
Robert Asson $500.00
Debora Dean $300.00
Bo Isaak $250.00
Grace Rueda $100.00
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Robert Asson $100.00
Robert Asson $100.00