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About Fred Zelt

Let's raise some serious funds to help people with MS!

As a teenager I dreamed of bicycling across the USA, and thanks to Bike the US for MS, I plan to make it a reality in the summer of 2017.  I grew up in Bethel Park PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh and have degrees in Earth Science and Geology from MIT and Princeton.  I have lived in Boston, New Jersey, Denver, Houston, Norway, England and New Orleans, and have spent a total of more than two years doing outcrop geology, mainly in desert areas.  My wife Donna and I have been married for 35 years and we have four adult children.  After 30 years as a Geologist and Manager with ExxonMobil, I retired in 2015 and we moved back to Pittsburgh.

Several friends and relatives have had MS, and I am glad to help raise funds for this worthy cause.  Since 2013, I have cycled in several weekend fundraising events in Texas and Pennsylvania, but the Northern Tier will be a whole new level!!!

Any donation level is welcome.  No amount is too small and all support of the Bike the US for MS will be appreciated.  You can donate using this website, or by mailing a check to the MS Society at the following address.  If you send a check, please put my name (Fred Zelt) in the memo line so the amount can go toward my goal.  Thank you!

Bike the US for MS

PO Box 10001

Blacksburg, VA  24062

Fred Zelt's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $7111
scott darling $360.00
Brian Wiggins $260.00
Fred Weaver $255.00
David Leary $251.00
George and Carol Ramsayer $250.00
H&H Screening and Graphics $250.00
The Behlings $250.00
Tina Drexler $250.00
Albert Zelt Jr $200.00
Deborah Cox $200.00
Janet Graeser $200.00
Nancy Graeser $200.00
Nathan Zelt $200.00
David Stern $150.00
Carolyn and Warren Roberts $100.00
Caryn Gillette $100.00
Chris Tenney $100.00
David Phelps $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Glenn Zelt $100.00
Greg Keys $154.00
Jack McGinnis $100.00
Jean Graeser $100.00
Jerry Helfand $100.00
Jim and Linda Hughes $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Lisa McBee $100.00
Mary Ball $100.00
Mike and Judy Peterson $100.00
Natalie Zelt $100.00
Nina Lian $100.00
Ralph and Jan Graeser $100.00
sally moore $100.00
Stanley and Edythe Gaines $100.00
Stephen Oliveri $100.00
Ufuoma an Tolu Ewherido $100.00
Donna Zelt $75.00
Jeff and Pam Thiemann $75.00
Chuy Rocha $65.00
Bhatnagar Family $51.00
Barbara Sawaya $50.00
Beth Molinaro $50.00
Betsy Sebastian $50.00
Debbie Grant $50.00
Jackie Boden $50.00
James Hemphill $50.00
Jan and Matt Dutmers $50.00
Jan and Tim Redman $50.00
Joan and Cecil Hurst $50.00
John Rompala $50.00
Joyce Guenther $50.00
Kerstin Lien $50.00
Mike and Judi Meyers $50.00
Misty Yarneau $50.00
Ralph and Barbara Kreamer $50.00
Ray and Barbara Kreamer $50.00
Rebecca Barker $50.00
Rene Jonk $50.00
Sue Quinn $50.00
Theresa and Bob Delphus $50.00
Tracy Keenan $50.00
Robert Graeser $35.00
Anonymous $25.00
Lauren Ohodnicki $25.00
Lee Van Sickle $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Roberta Patton $25.00
Tia Hurt $25.00
Ed Mitchell $20.00
Lora and Jeff Pavkovich $20.00
Mary Elizabeth Griffin $20.00
Ivy Taylor $15.00
Tom Romanchock $5.00