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About Ronald Pinkerton

Hello to everyone and thank you for visiting my fund raising page for the 2017 Trans America version of Bike the US for MS. It’s an honor and a privilege to have been accepted to participate in such an incredible event. The group I’ll be riding with will be on the road for two months. The distance we’ll each (hopefully) cover is, I must admit, rather daunting...3785 miles. Each mile that each of us rides will bring in pledged funds to help fight Multiple Sclerosis. We’ll be joined by riders along our way who’ll bike for segments of our route and raise funds to support research, increase public awareness of the disease, provide treatment to those in need, assist in home modification projects etc. The overriding goal of this event and the numerous others like it...raise money to end MS forever.


The organizers have asked that I give some information about myself, so...born and grew up in a small midwestern city (Chillicothe, OH), attended and graduated from Purdue University followed by a two year stint in the US Army, eventually found myself as a part owner of a sheet metal fabrication business located in Cincinnati, am married to a wonderful woman (Regina), have five adult children (all great with equally great partners) and have two beautiful grandchildren (Priya and Kai).


I’m pretty sure that I’ll be one of the more senior participants in this ride...I just turned 69. A few acquaintances have expressed doubts about my sanity in taking on this challenge. Whether they’re right or wrong, all I can say at this point is this...the cause is good and I’m going to give it all I’ve got.


So, with all above said, I’m asking for donations of any size to allow me to reach my goal of $3785 in pledged support. You can either use this site or send a check. If you pay with a check, please note my name and 2017 Trans Am. Thank you so much.  

Ronald Pinkerton's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2017 TEAM TOTAL: $106226

ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $4616
Reggie Kuhns $300.00
Toby Pinkerton $300.00
bill bihlman $250.00
Ruth Hetland & Michael Poccia $250.00
Chuck Brown $200.00
Kris and Allan Lehrman $200.00
Anonymous $175.00
Nick Pinkerton $150.00
Abbey Kuhns $100.00
Annamarie Borich $100.00
Christie Alex and Kai Kuhns $100.00
Christopher Sweeney and Ruth Deutscher $100.00
Chuck Brown $100.00
Dan Reis $100.00
ellen thomas-arnold $100.00
Heidi Jost $100.00
Katie Martin $100.00
M J Kuhns $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Mary Hayes $100.00
mary zins $100.00
Robin Henderson $100.00
Sally Krisel and Tom Jackson $100.00
tim gerhardt $100.00
todd schmidgall $100.00
Marlie Montgomery $75.00
Debby Adams $70.00
Bonnie Henry $50.00
Gwendoline Finegan $50.00
Julien Allen $65.00
Louise Watts $50.00
mary kroner $50.00
Paige Williams $50.00
Robert Sala $50.00
Teresa O'Connell $50.00
Timothy McQueen $50.00
william herrnstein $50.00
Robin OLSON $36.00
Joyce Miller $35.00
Shelley Evans $35.00
Amy Purcell $25.00
Keith Streitenberger $25.00
Marilyn O'Meara $25.00
Sarah Paese $25.00
William White $25.00
John Hoebbel $20.00
Justin Stewart $20.00
Michael McCarthy $20.00
Mike Moroski $20.00
Robert Sweeney $20.00
Sidonia La Spina $20.00
Jen Caras Haire $15.00
Caroline McCoy $10.00
dion lohman $10.00
Paul Korngold $10.00
Anonymous $10.00