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About Skylar Jeffery

After having such a great time and meeting so many awesome people riding the Northern Tier with Bike the US for MS last summer, I knew I would be doing another bike tour in the future.  This time I'll be riding self supported from Key West, FL to Portland, ME.  

Last summer I learned how terribly MS affects people, so I'm happy to be raising more money for MS treatment and awareness.  

If anyone would like to join me for all or part of the ride, let me know. 


Skylar Jeffery's Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $4468
Barbara J. Henninger $500.00
Anne Bergevin $250.00
Donald Baker $250.00
Anonymous $200.00
m a lindeman $200.00
Prudential Foundation $200.00
Rick Jeffery $200.00
Ted Deeley $200.00
Edith & Rolando Perez $125.00
Scott B Butschek $123.00
david gordon $120.00
Barbara J Henninger $100.00
Barbara J Henninger $100.00
Brett & Mary Wood $100.00
Claire Reese $100.00
Harry Hicks $100.00
Michael Dugan $100.00
patti b ankli $100.00
perry farrell $100.00
sarah n beaver $100.00
Sheila Cichra $100.00
Tom Tanenbaum Inc $100.00
Travis Little $100.00
Keith Mille $55.00
Dayna Moudy $50.00
Debora A. Ivie $50.00
Emily R Marturana $50.00
Jessica H Sasser $50.00
Kasey Grace $50.00
Rebecca S. McKay $50.00
roy s clelland $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Terri Varisco Bisignano $50.00
William H. Davis $50.00
Jon R Jeffery $43.00
Anonymous $40.00
Wayne Baker $40.00
james lutz $25.00
Jim & Jill $25.00
Margaret Connolly $25.00
Susan Grahn $25.00
Bill Pinna $20.00
James & Barbara Pierson $20.00
Janis Williams $20.00
Robbie Pinna $20.00
Sidy Gruenberg $20.00
Chuck Pearson $10.00
CJ Rubino $7.00
Skylar Gaspa $5.00