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About Ron Holland

I guess my desire to do this ride can be chalked up to the "bucket list" syndrome. Anytime someone my age, 70, decides to do anything unusual it's common to blame it on the ol' "bucket list." But, I've had a passion for multi-day cross-country bicycling for several years. I've been blessed to cycle across Texas (twice), Oklahoma, Missouri (twice), and Mississippi. I was also deeply blessed to ride the first 2,000 miles of the Southern Tier 2017 - San Diego to the Texas Louisiana border. I withdrew at that point for some strange reason that I’ve never really fully understood and finishing the Southern Tier has been on my mind DAILY since that time. So, I’m coming back to finish what I started. 

What got me started - what got me off the couch and on the bike for the first time was the opportunity raise some money to help fight the disease that has afflicted my “baby” sister for many years. My first multi-day cross-country ride was the MS150. I rode because I want to experience the ride, but I really rode because I wanted to help cure MS. I've been a regular MS150 rider for many years, now. Much progress has been made in help folks deal with the symptoms of MS. But, I know I'm still riding and praying that there will be a cure. When I discovered the existence of the Bike the US for MS, I knew it had to be in my future. Now that I've retired I've run out of procrastinations and I'm excited. I encourage you to join us in the fight by donating. One good thing that has come from my early withdrawal, last year, is that my sister, Becky, is going to participate in the final part of this year’s adventure by providing Ride Support. We’re both really excited to be having this adventure together.

BIO data: I've been married to Marilyn for 48 years - it's looking like it's going to last. She's pretty cool. We've been together through all my careers. After graduation from Texas A&M, we were in the USAF for ten years. I navigated airplanes. Vietnam. Thailand. Philippines. The South Pacific. South America. After the Air Force we went into ministry. We were missionaries in Manila, Philippines for 12 years. Then, we moved back the the US where I joined the ministerial staff of a large church in the Fort Worth (not Dallas) area. I have been blessed to be involved in a great worldwide ministry of church planting - globally and domestically - for the last 23 years. I'm retired, now, and therefore have time to devote to a project like Bike the US for MS.

Go ahead. Donate! It's painless and safe and you won't regret it. You won't miss the money, but you'll be a part of a great blessing in the lives of many. Give and you'll get the greater blessing. Someone once said, "It's more blessed to give than to receives." That comes from a very reliable source. Thanks!

Ron Holland's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $7487
David Shelley Park $1000.00
Ferrill Family Fund $1000.00
Don Box $500.00
James & Becky Cox $500.00
John and Diane Cayce $500.00
John Willbanks $500.00
Ron Holland $500.00
Doug Kennedy $307.00
Sara Holland $250.00
Kim and Lester Craven $200.00
Patricia Coffey $200.00
Michael Stewart $150.00
Chris Gingles $100.00
Clay Burke $100.00
Curtis & Jan Parsons $100.00
David Meyer $100.00
Denise Petty $100.00
John and Laci Spengler $100.00
Joy Tubbs $100.00
Joy Tubbs $100.00
Mike and Jayne Ford $100.00
Norman & Karen Bobay $100.00
Teresa and Carlyle Poole $100.00
Ben Benson $50.00
Dale and Christine Johnson $50.00
Dick Farris $50.00
Larry Henderson $50.00
Mary Beth Bodiford $50.00
Patrick and Julie Dionisio $50.00
Rebecca Silvestre $50.00
Robert & Brenda Gibbs $50.00
Scott and Kim Lambert $50.00
Steve & Jill Ann Coan $50.00
David Ellis $30.00
Michael Dean $30.00
Dana Proffer $25.00
David Martin $25.00
Jerald & Elizabeth Park $25.00
Kathleen Westfall $25.00
Kristi Park $25.00
Terry and Dana Proffer $25.00
Caleb Ng $20.00
Roddy & Martha Holmes $20.00
Shelley Brooks $20.00
Linda Sanders $10.00