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About Richard Williams (Dick)

I’m a semi-retired real estate professional who lives nine miles south of Boston in Milton, with my wife Sharon.  The summer of 2016 I went on the bicycle ride of a lifetime (or so I thought) with my friends’ son.  The ride started in San Diego.  As planned, I made it to the Ohio line; slightly over 2,000 miles.  Tim, my riding buddy, made it to Boston…(did I mention a 40 year age difference between us!)  I had a few challenges along the way, but was bit by the bicycling bug.  After I got home in early July I started thinking about doing another ride and came across Bike the US for MS.


I’ve known people that have been affected by MS, and have seen the effects on a family the disease can cause.  My niece’s cousin was diagnosed with MS a number of years back and has been able to work fulltime, as well as raising a young family.


My family has been incredibly supportive, and even though our three kids no longer live at home, they all encouraged me.  As the weather in Boston does not make for a fun ride during the winter, my daughter got me involved in “spin.”  My son and his family in Colorado hosted me for a week in June, when I realized I was having some issues with the heat and altitude.  My youngest son is my business partner, which allows me the time to train and to participate in the upcoming Southern Tier Bike Ride.


I won’t be able to complete the ride alone, and would be honored if you would help me raise the money that I need to participate.  No pledge is too small; just make a pledge, Please!  


Dick Williams

Richard Williams (Dick)'s Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $8451
Anonymous $1000.00
Ronald Porter $501.00
Paul and Chris Daniele $500.00
Adam Williams Williams $250.00
Ellen Shapiro $250.00
Robert McBride $250.00
Stephen Marcus $250.00
Brown and Brown MA $200.00
Contracting Specialists, Inc $200.00
mark loud $200.00
Robert Caro $200.00
Wallace Frigon $200.00
Roslyn & Timothy Lowney $150.00
AllisonElaina Williams $100.00
Barbara Plonski $100.00
Barnes Consulting Group $100.00
Bob and Maryjane Wanamaker $100.00
BOB Kaufman $100.00
Contracting Specialists $100.00
danielle williams $100.00
David Isenberg $100.00
Don Kearney $100.00
Donald Powell $100.00
Douglas & Nancy Crosby $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Gail and Tony Baxter $100.00
James & Mary Taylor $100.00
Jean and Dave Baxter $100.00
Jeannie and Fred Taylor $100.00
Jeff Grosser $100.00
Jeff LaCasse $100.00
Jess Kramer $100.00
John Finley $100.00
John Flaherty $100.00
Jonathan Kannair $100.00
Kate McKenna $100.00
Kerry Leonard $100.00
Kieran fitzgibbon $100.00
Leo Roy $100.00
Marti and Ron McKenna $100.00
Mary Ellen Keough $100.00
Mary Taylor $100.00
Merrill and McGeary $100.00
Patricia and Ed Perkins Patricia and Ed Perkins $100.00
Robert Keenan $100.00
Robert Keenan $100.00
Shen Baxter $100.00
Alissa and Rob Sweeney $50.00
Jen Morrissey Howie Gorman $50.00
Kristina Chang $50.00
Laura and Tim Baxter $50.00
Lawrence Dicara $50.00
Lawrence Dicara $50.00
Mark Profita $50.00
Meaghan Doherty $50.00
Michael Weintraub & Diane Rosen $50.00
Michael Weintraub and Diane Rosen $50.00
Paul Nicklas $50.00
Richard Pierce $50.00
Robin & Richard Stein $50.00
Andrew Beyer $25.00
Burton Leeds $25.00
david radoccia $25.00
Joyce Ford $25.00
Rich and Rosie Chretien $25.00
Richard Pierce $25.00
Scott Favreau $25.00
Stephanie Martone $25.00
Stephanie Martone Matching Gift $25.00
Susan McCarthy $25.00