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About Brian Weiss


     My name is Brian Weiss and I will be conquering the Northern Tier this summer with a handful of my current and soon-to-be friends. I am a recent graduate of Mizzou with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I am pursuing a medical career and am in the process of applying/interviewing/waiting. This will be my last free summer for a long time and it is an amazing opportunity to be able to spend it in a way that directly benefits both those suffering from MS as well as myself. I intend on spending the last remnants of the dwindling free time I possess before my near-marital commitment to school raising money for the ride and working at the University hospital and free clinic in Columbia, MO.

     I am from the bustling  town of Carbondale Illinois deep in the heart of Southern Illinois Shawnee Forest. We pride ourselves in the natural beauty of the area and hiking and cycling are a way of life. I ride regularly for recreation and as my primary transportation in and around town. I hold no illusions that a ride to the Starbucks stacks up against a 4000+ mile excursion but I am amped for the trip and will be laying down miles in preparation. Last summer several boys from Carbondale conquered the TransAM for MS and raised over $100k for the advancement of MS research. I am honored to be joining the ranks of these now seasoned vets on a trip of epic proportions, and one that few people will ever experience. Nobody says raising money can’t be fun.

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Brian Weiss' Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $4785
The Furniture King $700.00
Raffle $590.00
Columbia Cafe & Gallery $480.00
Purse Money $450.00
Purses $350.00
Kathy Pericak-Spector $200.00
Margaret Behr $200.00
On the road donations $200.00
Rich Rowe Memorial Fund $200.00
Anonymous $110.00
Yogi Bear $110.00
Andrea Glass $100.00
Debbie Pielet $100.00
Diane & Estus Hood $100.00
Milton Pearlman $100.00
Susan Pearlman $100.00
Mary Rowe & Steve Hutsch $75.00
Shakespeare's Pizza $75.00
Bruce Magnuson & Patsy Jensen $70.00
andrea wambach $50.00
James Murphy $50.00
Purse Money $50.00
Rita Weiss $50.00
Christopher Halsey $30.00
Elizabeth M. Storie $25.00
Peter J Bronkema $25.00
Nick & Becky Jones $20.00
Ronda Reitz $20.00
Adam & Natalie Shasteen $15.00
Kenneth & Janet Godon $10.00
Lyter and Laura Sample $10.00
Paul Porneluzi $10.00
Troy & Melissa Zars $10.00