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About Mike Jennings

2014 began a year of unlimited mobility for my family and I.  We were finally able to take trips without major planning.  My wife was able to watch me ride, attend our daughter’s wedding and go with me on normal daily tasks like running errands. 2014 was the year we were given a life changing present from people like you who donated to biketheusforms.

Our journey with MS began in 2001 when my best friend, my wife, was diagnosed with MS.  We have had our share of rough roads, blind curves, and uphill battles that seemed too tough to fight. Our strength in the climb comes from the people we've met along the journey and the ability to climb together. MS has pulled our family together in ways we couldn’t imagine and allowed us to meet incredible people.

One such incredible person is Don Fraser, founder of biketheusforms. I met Don while serving on the Board of Trustees for the Blue Ridge Chapter of the National MS Society. 

It has been a dream of mine to ride one of the routes across the country with biketheusforms while raising money for a cause that is very personal to me.  Don has invited me to do separate legs of the ride as being away from my wife for too long proved troublesome.  In 2013 I rode  with biketheusforms from Yorktown, VA to my hometown Charlottesville, VA and in 2014 I rode the Blue Ridge portion from Charlottesville, VA to Blacksburg, VA.

The James Q Miller Center located in Charlottesville, VA is the cornerstone of the Trans Am ride.  Every year on their way to San Francisco the group stops for the night in Charlottesville.

It has been a tradition of our family to meet the riders when they come to Charlottesville for the reception with the staff and patients of the James Q Miller Center. Little did I know, Don had more than a routine meet and greet planned.  Don had been working with my children on acquiring an accessible van to surprise my wife and I at the reception dinner. My mouth dropped, tears were shed and it's a moment I will never forget.  Don’s words of the loss of independence one faces when they have a disease like MS rang so true with us. Then he mentioned how when his father was able to get a van it helped his mother regain some of that independence. This is now a very real, very true statement for us and we are so grateful every day for this gift. We are now able to navigate the rough roads and blind curves ahead and even occasionally coast downhill.  It is a life changing gift that we have never taken for granted.

It is my turn to pay it back.  I want to take on a new challenge this summer which is  to ride a segment of the Northern Tier Route from Minneapolis, MN to Bismarck, ND.   I have pledged to raise $1,200 to do so.  I want to take on this journey not only to reconnect with my biketheusforms friends or recharge my batteries but more importantly to see if I can do something to help make a difference for someone living with MS.

I ask that you donate to an organization that is focused on making the world a better place for people with MS. I thank you and ask that you keep me and all the biketheusforms riders in your thoughts as they cross the country to make a difference.

Mike Jennings' Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1850
Clark Construction Group, LLC $500.00
Mike Gold $500.00
Jeffrey Roseme $350.00
Patricia Timmerman $200.00
robert jones $150.00
Christine adn Kevin Martin $100.00
Robert Nirschl $50.00