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About Angela Shaw

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." (Mahatma Gandhi)


Hello and welcome to my Bike the US for MS fundraising page! I’m beyond stoked to be a support team member for the 2017 Trans Am crew!


I was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in 2003. After a 14 year battle to stay mobile, I’m now confined to a power wheelchair (Boo!). But with the generous support of Bike the US for MS, I was able to buy this nifty NuStep recumbent trainer (Yay!). It helps me to keep “moving”, stay healthy, fight strong!


MS must be brought to its knees. I'm using mine to make it so!


Since I can’t ride cross-country (my power chair only holds a 25 mile charge), I’ll join the Trans Am team by doing a “virtual ride” using my NuStep. Starting June 1, my goal is to log 37,850 steps by the time the team reaches San Francisco on August 1.


I'm committed to raising $3785 to champion the cause, to see MS defeated once and for all. Won't you please help me meet this goal  by giving what you can today? Any dollar amount will do. All donations are tax-deductible. Every dollar makes a difference!


Thanks for your consideration! #RideStrong

Angela Shaw's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2017 TEAM TOTAL: $106226

ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $4400
McDonough Toyota $1000.00
James and Virginia Hayes $300.00
Beverly Harner $200.00
Frank Ellie Lofaro $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Talley Hess $200.00
Edward Shaw $185.00
Lou Long $150.00
Edward Shaw $115.00
alexander gabbin $100.00
Carolyn Cutrona Russell $100.00
Dana and Kevin Palmer $100.00
David and Karen Montgomery $100.00
Doug and Maryalice Gaskell $100.00
Edward Carl $100.00
Mary Swift $100.00
Peggi Ferguson $100.00
Steven and Barbara Geiger $100.00
Clayton and Marjorie Allen $75.00
Edward Shaw $75.00
Jeannine Jackson $75.00
Cheryl Thompson $50.00
David Jenkins $50.00
Elise Adamson $50.00
Emily Swift and Anthony Swingler $50.00
Hilary Nagel $50.00
Julie Obando $50.00
Ken and Joni Whitaker $50.00
megan kauffmann $50.00
Nancy Webber $50.00
Steve Zielinski $50.00
Tania Easy $50.00
Loren Hill $25.00
Marie Shaw $25.00
Mary Bock $25.00
Mattie Janette Amaker $25.00
Terry Newell $25.00
Elise Adamson $20.00
Kali Savoca $20.00
Tara Hensley $10.00