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About Robert T Yates (Ted)

I'm a retired reading teacher from the Moon Area School District which is in the Pittsburgh area, Pennsylvania.  I've been married to my wonderful wife for 35 years and we have two lovely daughters. It is with their love and support that I undertake my bike ride of a lifetime. Ever since I started biking eight years ago I've had the wild idea of riding my bicycle across America and now I will be able to do that and raise money for a very worthy cause, MS. I know this undertaking will be difficult but with my family, old friends and the new friends that I'll meet along this amazing endeavor, I will be successful. I would greatly appreciate your generosity in reaching my goal of raising $10,000 dollars for the MS Foundation.

Robert T Yates (Ted)'s Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $6656
Cindy Yates $650.00
Friends of Cindystock $532.00
Jim ONeill $400.00
Susan Laabs $306.00
Dan and Cherie Wolovich $250.00
Danny Wolovich and Family $250.00
Dolly Bandula $200.00
Mark and Carol Capuano $200.00
Cindy Yates $150.00
Mac McIlvried $150.00
Deann Ward $133.00
Anonymous $100.00
David and Grace Suriani $100.00
David Rhing $100.00
Debbie and Rich Day $100.00
Denise Renter $100.00
Frank Roberts $100.00
Ira Ungar $100.00
Loretta Kellogg $100.00
Maura Yates $100.00
Polly Fontana $100.00
Rebecca Whitlinger $100.00
Rich Kraus $100.00
Robert Shuty $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Suzanne Giger $100.00
Tara Chris and Taylor Bertini $100.00
Anonymous $70.00
Jim Claudia Benson $61.00
Alex Meta $50.00
Ann and Jim Vallimont $50.00
Antoinette & Joseph Passarello $50.00
Charlie and Shelly Piccinini $50.00
Dave Baker $50.00
Dorothy Thomas $50.00
Gary and Tami Waters $50.00
James McElroy $50.00
James Reed $50.00
Jerry MacFarland $50.00
Karen Grunebach $50.00
Merril and Tom Kirkbride $50.00
Nancy Friedl $50.00
Nic Perino $50.00
Nick Angelini $50.00
Robert Yates $50.00
Snoop Dogg $50.00
Taylor Bertini $50.00
Dave and Terri Williams $40.00
Don and Diane Slekar $40.00
Robert Williams $40.00
Dennis Tomassetti $35.00
James Winner $35.00
Just Sports $32.00
Allan Shipley $31.00
Bernie Valencik $31.00
Brian Luzik $31.00
Jackie Conlan $31.00
Jeffrey Robinson $31.00
Makiala Yates $31.00
William Moore $31.00
Karen and Don Lewis $30.00
Mary Jane Evans $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Ronald Skosnik $30.00
Alan Iszauk $25.00
Bob Raihall $25.00
Cathie Farley $25.00
Charlotte Wlodkowski $25.00
Colin Crist $25.00
Debbie Brown $25.00
Nick Wisniewski $25.00
Richard Zabrowski $25.00
Emily Kirsch $15.00
Jim Dinello $10.00
Kristen and Richey Pefferman $10.00
Lindsay Moore $10.00