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About Shannon Catalano

Ever since a friend gifted me a subscription to Adventure Cyclist, I've wanted to bike cross-country. So far I've done a couple east coast multi-day rides and a century with Bike MS.
Now I'm ready to bike the Pacific Coast! Next summer I meet up with the team in Seattle and ride all the way to San Diego: 1,852 miles of riding with service projects along the way. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to support MS service projects, research, and treament. My goal is three dollars per mile.
Follow me on social media - the adventure starts in August! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

Shannon Catalano's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $4163
AFR Services $1000.00
Barbara Chatham $500.00
Steven Shaw $300.00
Hazel and Doug Price $200.00
John Shockey $200.00
Apple Matching Gift $100.00
Brian Catalano $100.00
Deborah Kowalski $100.00
Katherine Bermingham $100.00
Lynn Hardcastle $100.00
Meredith Grubbs $100.00
Todd Bradley $93.00
Deb Renn $75.00
Meg Gehl $75.00
Stephanie Johnson $65.00
Anna Domingo $50.00
Betsy Rubner $50.00
Carol Hunt $50.00
Cheryl Ilov $50.00
Cornelia Elliot $50.00
Ethan Calvert $50.00
Hank Dougan $50.00
Jannice Alvaney $50.00
Jennifer Seo $50.00
Lindsey Gunn and Liz Harvey $50.00
rebecca sheets $50.00
Scott Harwood $50.00
Susan Cunningham $50.00
Timothy and Margaret Holcomb $50.00
Cassandra Scanlan $30.00
Alisa Carter $25.00
Andrew and Julia Ostrom $25.00
bicibits Silvana Montero $25.00
Christina Firouztash $25.00
Elinor Davis $25.00
Linda Galloway $25.00
Roxana Vargas $25.00
Subie Hazelton $25.00
Carlos Bossy $20.00
Christine Vasques $20.00
Christine Warren $20.00
John Weil $20.00
Tammy Trujillo $20.00
Brittany McMurry $10.00
Ellen Nash $10.00
Meara Jernigan $5.00