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About Patrick Musta

I've decided to embark on maybe the greatest adventure of my life, riding my bicycle across the US for MS.  Since I retired, I started riding my bicycle as a hobby. This hobby quickly morphed into many fun rides with friends.  Among these rides were day trips and also a few week long trips.  The thought of riding across America crossed my mind a few times on these trips.  With the support of my family and riding for a worthy cause, MS, this thought is now becoming a reality. You can help me reach my goal of raising $5,000 for the MS Foundation by making a donation on this page.  Your help will be greatly appreciated by many who are afflicted with this disease.

Patrick Musta's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $4962
Nigel Inc $400.00
Brodhead Landscaping Supplies $307.00
Rob Martin $307.00
Cynthia Grubbs $200.00
Mark Capuano $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Martin and Patricia Bufano $154.00
Michael Yuhas $150.00
Barbara Shuty $100.00
Beth Ann Mohr $100.00
Cheryl Hayes $100.00
Cindy Yates $100.00
Cynthia Phillips $100.00
Daniel Ruddy $100.00
Deann Ward $100.00
Ellen Yochus $100.00
john ballas $100.00
Kerrin Powers $100.00
Mark Minder $100.00
Nichole Yochus $100.00
Patricia Meanor $100.00
Phyllis Grubbs $100.00
Russell Musta $100.00
Timothy Van Steenburgh $100.00
Wendy Lynch $100.00
Joe Ejzak $75.00
Wayne Cass $61.00
Dale Whitaker $50.00
Darin Schultz $50.00
Del Ruff $50.00
Fran Sledge $50.00
Fred Kalmbach $50.00
Jerry Lacy $50.00
Jerry MacFarland $50.00
loretta montone $50.00
Matching Gift $50.00
Michael & Michelle Zook $50.00
Nancy and Joe Mulvaney $50.00
Rick and Lynn Ruttinger $50.00
Steve Diak $50.00
Steven Holliday $50.00
William Peters $40.00
Just Sports $32.00
Allan Shipley $31.00
Anthony Petrovic $31.00
Bernie Valencik $31.00
Brian Luzik $31.00
Devora Taylor $31.00
Fred Barley $31.00
Jeffrey Robinson $31.00
Jim Claudia Benson $31.00
Thomas Duttine $31.00
Tina Yeater $31.00
William Moore $31.00
Elks Lodge $30.00
Terri Holland $30.00
Bob Raihall $25.00
Jim Dinello $10.00