Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois University
Surly Long Haul Trucker
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About Brian Green

Hello my name is Brian Green. I am 21 and from Carbondale, Illinois and am excited to be part of this amazing opportunity. I am currently enrolled at John A Logan college and am undecided right now. I have always been a huge fan of biking as well as skateboarding. I started skateboarding when I was in 8th grade. Once in high school I began hanging out with many different people, but soon found myself around skateboarders and bike riders. Over the years I have become good friends with many riders and have gone on trail rides and trips to see bmx jams etc. Through these experiences I have gained a huge respect for all bike riders and have a very different perspective about how difficult all types of riding can be. I am excited to be on this trip because it is a way for me to test myself while helping to raise money for an amazing cause. Hey I might even lose a little weight ;). It is also nice to break away from the norm and do something that few say thay have done. Although I have been all across the country most of what I have seen has been from the air. I believe that filling in the gaps to places I have flown to is going to be a completely new experience. I'm looking forward to making new friends and helping raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

Brian Green's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $3525
Larry Elkins $300.00
Pamela Green $300.00
Anonymous $100.00
B & J Stout / Viva Green $100.00
Bill McMinn $100.00
Charlotte West $100.00
Donald Strom $100.00
George Taylor $100.00
Jim & Joan Temple $100.00
John Shea $100.00
Kelcie Green $100.00
Kirsten Yates-Konzen $100.00
Marty & Jennifer Blank $100.00
Mike Reis $100.00
Paul Gloss $100.00
Paul Platz $100.00
Rita Scott $100.00
Robert Geary $100.00
SIU Raffle $100.00
Terry & Colleen Gloss $75.00
Bob & Vi Yates $50.00
Brian McGowan $50.00
Doug & Jacki McIlhagga $50.00
Ed & Jan Buerger $50.00
Jeffrey Nuich $50.00
Karen Witter $50.00
Katherine Smith $50.00
Marti Ashley $50.00
Michael VanGilder $50.00
Patti Marks $50.00
Rich & Shari Hunter $50.00
Robert Conway $50.00
Stan & Erika Stout $50.00
Todd & Karen Page $50.00
Daniel Leahy $35.00
Linda Northington $30.00
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Alexander $30.00
Argus Tong $25.00
Daniel Schwab $25.00
Daniel Wallenberg $25.00
Dick & Bonnie Ervin $25.00
Doris Rottschalk $25.00
Greg Scott $25.00
Muriel Isis $25.00
Steve Banker & Mary Bachman $25.00
Tammy Jo Gloss $25.00
Todd Freeman $25.00
Wendy Oloteo $25.00
Dan Callahan $20.00
David Ardrey $20.00
George Moehlenhoff $20.00
Jennifer Brunner $20.00