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About Kevin O'Brien

Hello. I'm Kevin O'Brien and I am celebrating(??) my 64th year on this "mortal coil" by fulfilling a long cherished ambition to ride cross country. A number of family and friends in the U.K. and the U.S. are directly affected by M.S. My goal is to raise awareness and to contribute in some small way to research to overcome M.S.

I am a semi-retired teacher, and a rugby coach, with an extensive background in Special Education. As an educator I have worked with many students and adults with physical challenges and I have been consistently impressed by their strength of spirit and character to meet these challenges. Small changes in the environment and supportive networks can open new horizons. While the focus is on achieving a "cure" many people have to cope with reality of daily life. We can help to improve the quality of life for people with M.S. and their care-givers by publicizing and supporting ventures such as 'Bike the U.S. for M.S.'

You can make a difference. Please support the goal of achieving a cure for M.S. by contributing to my ride across the U.S.

Thank you.

Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien's Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $15177
Gary & Jenette Nelson Family Charitable Fund $10000.00
Flatbread Factory Beer Tasting $500.00
mr maurice o'brien $300.00
andrew woodend $250.00
andrew woodend $250.00
Mrs Julia Ellis $250.00
Nye & Betty Smith $250.00
maurice o' brien $200.00
mr paul o brien $200.00
Nora O'Keeffe $160.00
Jay J Pease $150.00
Gregory N Smith $130.00
Paul & Dorothea Penar $125.00
Calvin & Renee Bittner $100.00
Christopher Davis $100.00
frederic bardot $100.00
Gary Devoe Jr $100.00
John G Long $100.00
MaryBeth Mathews $100.00
nigel davies $100.00
Robert L Weir $100.00
Sheri A Hunt $100.00
Tiffany Renaud $100.00
Daniel Furnier $75.00
Avisa & Cheryl Tuiqere $50.00
Christopher Wheeler $50.00
cynthia bystrak $50.00
David Kronenberg $50.00
Diane Rauch $50.00
John Owen Banks $50.00
Michael R DuPont $50.00
Nancy Fitz $50.00
Nicholas McCardle $50.00
Paul Vercoe $50.00
Robert W Outtrim III $50.00
Carol Delgaudio $40.00
Anonymous $40.00
Mirjana Bogucanin $40.00
Karen Redmond $35.00
Elizabeth Kimball $32.00
Andrew Stroh $25.00
David Meek $25.00
FairPoint Communications $25.00
Michael S Maher $25.00
Shannon Bustillos $25.00
Susan Declue $25.00
Colleen Fahey $20.00
Dale M. Smith $20.00
Declan A Connolly $20.00
Karl & Irene Dennis $20.00
Laurie & Paul Bourdon $20.00
Michelle & Robert Labich $20.00
Patrick Candon $20.00
Peter & Kelly Thompson $10.00