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2017 Salsa Marrakesh
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About Vincent Aleck

Vince has remitting relapsing multiple sclerosis.  He has always had a strong love of everything outdoors.  Whether it's kayaking, fishing, hiking or cycling.  These are all things that he's very passionate about. For someone, like him, who has to experience the severe and debilitating effects of MS, he has found that cycling has been the best thing for minimalizing the effects and recovery from relapses.

He has served in the US Army and is a disabled veteran.  He has also worked for the Department of Defence as an IT Specialist, for almost 18 years before medically retiring due to MS.  It was while working for DOD that his passion for cycling really began to show. It was during his tenure that he was selected as the Offutt AFB team captain for the Corporate Cycling Challenge.  This was a role that he carried for many years  until he medically retired with MS.  The Corporate Cycling Challenge objective was to promote bicycling to work, piting different organizations and companies against each other.  All the proceeds raised went directly to the Eastern Nebraska Trails Network.  Also back in 2008, he rode for the Air Force Cycling team as a team cyclist during Ragbrai.

Current plans, how about "Bike the US for MS" following the Southern Tier Bike Route.  Beginning on or around Jan 25, 2017 he wil set off from his home in Bradenton, Fl., heading North and linking up with Southern Tier Bike Trail.  From there he will turn West and begin his journey to cross the United States.  It is his hope to make it  Fort McDowell, near Phonix, by March 24.  If he can pull this off he will be attending the Bike MS:  Arizona 2017 event. 

In closing, this ride is for all those people who are directly or indirectly effected by MS.  Its especially for those who are no longer physically capable of doing something like this, due to their MS progression.  He rides for them.

In closing, please, feel free to motivate, inspire, communicate, whatever you feel you want to do to help him along the way.  He can use your prayers.  Thank You.

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