About Amanda Steinman & Nick Suarez

When life gives you bikes... Ride them. Our names are Amanda Steinman and Nick Suarez and we are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime...by biking across America.  

Through the organization Bike the US for MS we will be biking nearly 4,000 miles from Yorktown, Virginia to San Francisco. Our adventure will begin on June 1, 2017 and will end August 1. For 61 days we will bike 70+ miles, while camping in a variety of landscapes across America.   At each stop we make, we will volunteer and serve those who are battling MS. This journey will serve many purposes, with the most important one at the core: raising money and awareness for MS research.   MS is a incurable chronic condition that touches the lives of millions worldwide. As we go on this journey and raise awareness for MS we are also going to  experience the beauty and vast array of cultures we have in this beautiful country. As we start our long journey of training, we ask for your help. We pledged to raise $1 for every mile we bike to support finding a cure for MS.  Since it will take 4,000 miles to bike to the other side of the country, we need your help to support the both of us with our pledge. Keep a look out for updates along our journey and follow our lives on our bikes #LifeOnMyBike #SteinmanSuarez #SSforMS #BikeTheUSforMS

Amanda Steinman & Nick Suarez's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $265788

RAISED: $4100
Amanda Steinman $500.00
In Memory of Judith Jaffe $500.00
Kathryn Suarez $500.00
Katie Suarez $500.00
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $150.00
Anne and Bob Cox $100.00
Barbara DeFrancesco $100.00
Cash Armstrong $100.00
John and Nancy Reinke $100.00
Kathleen Ilyin $100.00
Kathleen Patrick $100.00
Patricia Suarez $100.00
Richard Leary $100.00
Christine Stirling $75.00
Cynthia Getz $50.00
Cynthia Struckle $50.00
Dan and Mary Freeman $50.00
Jerry Moye $50.00
Marissa Struckle $50.00
Paula and JJ Blum $50.00
Tim and Patty McGee $50.00
Shelly Maxwell $40.00
Anonymous $30.00
Nancy Campbell $25.00
Nancy Carmean $25.00
Anonymous $20.00
Elliot The Cat $20.00
Hank Krohn $15.00
Delaney France $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Ali Bradley $5.00
Anna Cosentino $5.00
Eliza Dufford $5.00
Emma Warman $5.00
Grace Rubinger $5.00
Meg Kell $5.00