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About Sharon Bouchard

Hello. The summer of 2012 I rode the Trans Am route (3785 miles), saw some beautiful country, helped some people, and made some good friends. It was life changing and I knew that I would ride again with this group. So I did. The summer of 2016 I rode the Northern Tier (4295 miles) and once again saw some beautiful country, helped some people, and met some more awesome people. Two of which I shall ride again with along the Pacific Coast route (1852 miles) in 2017. Yes, they are the two above. Andrea on the left and Alison in the middle.

The first time I rode I really didn't know much about MS, or the number of people it affects. The summer of 2012 was an eye opener. Last summer I rode in honor of Daivd Anderson. The father of Mike Anderson, one of the awesome people I met on the ride in 2012. Riding in 2016 continued to showed me the devastation this disease can have on people and their families.

In 2017 I will be riding in honor of John Esposito, my neighbor of almost 12 years. John is married to Irene and they have two sons Anthony and Vincent . John was diagnosed in September of 2004. As an electrician John was not able to return to his profession after his diagnosis because his hands never regained the sensation of hot and cold. As the only working parent the family had to sell their home in New Jersey and move closer to family. Once settled in MI Irene had to find a job outside of the home that provided benefits and a pension. At the time of the move, Anthony 9 and Vincent 7, were attending private school and had to leave their friends and life on the east coast.

In order for me to ride I need to raise a minimum of a dollar per mile, $1852. This money will help fund resesearch that will some day prevent/cure this disease. Donations can be made through this website or a check can be mailed to:

Bike the US for MS
PO Box 10001
Blacksburg, VA 24062

THANK YOU to all for your donations!

Sharon Bouchard's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $3045
Anonymous $250.00
Lynne Wright $250.00
Amy Wilkinson $150.00
Carol Schlichting $100.00
Cathy and Brian Halloran $100.00
Chris and Sarah Taylor $100.00
Donald Bouchard $100.00
Eric Lindstrom $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Heidi Purcell $100.00
Irene Esposito $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Julie Tsangaris $100.00
Kate Begeman $100.00
Lois Ann Bouchard $100.00
Mary Rabs $100.00
Mary Wisely $100.00
Mike Bouchard $100.00
Paula Bouchard $100.00
Sharon A Bouchard $100.00
Susan Ciotti $100.00
Tom and Barb Kraft $100.00
tom moorman $100.00
Jacobus Zwaanenburg and Maria Vanluenen $60.00
Adele Roy $50.00
Adrian e Roesing $50.00
Betty Kirksey $50.00
Lesleh Wright $50.00
Jaci Dolan $30.00
Allison Supica $25.00
Cindy Schultz $25.00
Kathryn Swank $25.00
Dawn Johnson $20.00
Luke Fadem $10.00