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About Margee Ankli

Hi, my name is Margee Ankli and I am currently a student at Florida State University. I am in the process of completing my third year of school, and actively pursuing a career in education. I chose to major in English and Education largely because of my desire to work with, influence, and instill good values in children. I love the feeling of knowing that I have made a positive difference in their lives. My personality has always driven me to help others, which is why I could not pass up the opportunity to participate in a cross country ride with other like minded individuals to benefit a good cause.

For as long as I can remember sports and physical activity have played a major role in my life. I have formed countless friendships and memories through the various sports I have participated in during my time at Florida State. I have delved into the realm of being a distance runner, a crew team member, and a casual cyclist. Spending my time participating in these endurance sports is without question my favorite pastime. Not only do I aspire to help and impact other’s lives, but Multiple Sclerosis also hits closer to home in my life than some of my peers. I’ve watched some close family friends suffer firsthand and biking for this cause in particular seems like an even more worthwhile way to spend my last free summer as a college student. The prospect of combining my favorite activity with my ambition to help others naturally has inspired me to dedicate myself to Bike the US for MS.

Margee Ankli's Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $4455
SunLove Athletics $1000.00
E Jeanne Weeks $250.00
Anita Fairchild $200.00
Debra A. Bauer $200.00
Michael N Cumberpatch $200.00
patti b ankli $200.00
D K Smith $150.00
Kimberly C Strauss $150.00
Alissa Malakan $100.00
Dr. & Candy Ware $100.00
Katharine & Todd Lord $100.00
Patty & Jim Kunnen $100.00
Sandra Brower $100.00
Susan G. Sheikh $100.00
Susan Koontz $100.00
Todd C. Ankli $100.00
Steven D Bauer $80.00
Belinda Jacobson-Loehle $50.00
Charlotte L. Wenham $50.00
Chris & Debbie Anderson $50.00
Cynthia Landers $50.00
E.G. & Candy Fish $50.00
Hillary Landers $50.00
Lauren Mendes $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Lisa Langhauser $50.00
Lissa Mathews $50.00
Matt & Jill Floeter $50.00
Michelle J England $50.00
Richard J Giambruno $50.00
Stefani Conner $50.00
Travis Little $40.00
Dom & Barbara Monaco $30.00
Kirsten Nielsen $30.00
Rob & Rebecca Hester $30.00
Skylar Jeffery $30.00
Anonymous $25.00
Dennis & Meredith Menefee $25.00
Lin Sanford $25.00
Lynn Klemann $25.00
Nancy Ventre $25.00
Pam Mills $25.00
Pat Deerkoski $25.00
Alexander Riva $20.00
Anya Smith $20.00
Ciara Rowley $20.00
Marissa E Jimenez $20.00
Anonymous $10.00
David P Straka $10.00
Erika A Langhauser $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Mary & Ed Walters $10.00