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About Wyatt Williams

Hi my name is Wyatt Williams and I currently live in Oxford, Mississippi, where I am working towards obtaining a degree in chemistry. When I am not in school, I spend a majority of my time outside. Some of my most eye-opening trips to date have been hiking in New Mexico at the southern point of the Rocky Mountains and scuba diving in the Florida Keys. These were trips that tested my physical endurance, but were completely for me. This trip will be my most strenuous adventure to date. I'm an Eagle Scout and have grown up helping others through many service projects and hundreds of hours of community service. I am looking forward to this trek and meeting many extrordinary people with MS whom I can help along the way. Thank you, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to learn more about this amazing organization!

Wyatt Williams' Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1230
William Harrington $250.00
Anne and Alan Bruni $150.00
Briggs Bruni $150.00
Eleanor Harrington $100.00
Jimmy Fullerton $100.00
Rachael Harrington $100.00
Susan Williams $100.00
Doris Hayes $75.00
Scott and Eleanor Patterson $50.00
susan berry $50.00
Ann McDuffie $25.00
Barbara Williams $25.00
Rick Robinson $25.00
lynn and becca beall $20.00
Margarete Koepfer $10.00