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About Nicole Montague

I am taking part in Bike the UK for MS not only as a physical and mental challenge for myself but more importantly to raise money and awareness for MS. It is cruel disease that has touched my family and affects many others all around the world. My mum has suffered with MS for many years now, however only recently are her symptoms becoming more significant. Having dealt with her diagnosis like a hero, it is my pleasure to be able to give something back to her as she has always done so much for me.  

I am looking forward to being part of team that aims to help those in need. Often the symptoms related to MS lead to a reduction in quality of life and loss of dignity and therefore it is important to provide the upmost support to those who suffer.

Bring on the miles!

Nicole Montague's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1666
Heather Lauren Martin Montague $95.00
Iain and Claire Black $97.00
Heather Lauren Martin Saffron Supporters $110.00
Heather Lauren Martin saffron supporters $108.00
Mum and Martin xx $97.00
heather lauren martin saffron supporters $79.00
lauren heather martin saffron supporters $79.00
heather lauren martin saffron supporters $93.00
Cath Wheeler $64.00
Kathleen Montague $65.00
Heather Montague $46.00
Andy gym $39.00
G durrant $39.00
Jenny Black $39.00
Neil Black $39.00
Neil Holdstock $32.00
A Perry $31.00
Angus Hamilton $31.00
Fank and Chris Churchman $31.00
Gareth and Donna Moss $31.00
Harry Joyce-Davis $31.00
James Kearney $26.00
Martin Ridgwell $31.00
Nichole Montague $31.00
Rebecca montague $26.00
Tom Wheeler $31.00
Dannielle Young $23.00
Anonymous $13.00
Anya O'Keeffe $13.00
Ben Shen $13.00
Callum Pease $15.00
Hannah Adlington $15.00
James Black $13.00
Katie Davies $15.00
Leo Barrett $15.00
Nicola Jefferies $13.00
Sarah Hayns $13.00
Sian Moss $15.00
Tanya Lang $13.00
Tracey Hudson $13.00
Aidan Clarke $8.00
Benjamin Barnard $7.00
Eleanor Coppins $6.00
Lorna Tullis $8.00
Maisie Boast $8.00
Road Donation $8.00