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About Kelly & Megan Godwin


Hi all!

We are two sisters on a mission to help find a cure for multiple sclerosis and are glad you stopped by our page. On June 1, we will take off on our bikes in Yorktown, VA as we begin our two month cycling journey across the country to help increase awareness of and improve the lives of people living with MS. By the time we arrive in San Francisco, CA on August 1, we will not only have cycled 3,785 miles but we will have also participated in various home improvement projects for people living with MS, as well as provided funds for MS research and treatment. In order to fund these projects and research, we must raise $1 for every mile that each of us ride; a minimum of $7,570 between the two of us. We have currently set our goal at $10,000 and would love to exceed that amount.

We have seen first-hand effects of this debilitating disease as our mom was diagnosed with MS in 2010. The strength our mom has to keep going without complaint, even on days when it is a struggle simply to get out of bed, has given us the courage to pursue goals outside of our comfort zones, including this cross country cycling trip! The daily pain our mom endures is certain to be on our minds as we struggle up a mountain or fight against strong headwinds.  This temporary pain we experience while on our bicycles pales in comparison to the lifelong affects MS has on our mom and everyone else living with disease.

We are excited to combine our passion for cycling and traveling to raise awareness and help improve the lives of those across the US living with MS and hope you will support us on our journey.

Kelly & Megan Godwin's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2017 TEAM TOTAL: $106226

ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $11935
Anonymous $1008.00
David Martin $1000.00
Joseph Deese $1000.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Pinehurst Medical Clinic $600.00
Brianna Crosby $500.00
Anonymous $500.00
Rob and Susan Turner $500.00
Brent King $333.00
Kitty Patterson $300.00
Anonymous $300.00
Vicki Vaughn $300.00
Marti Clark Ellie and Max Campbell $250.00
Derek Yee $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Kenneth Alexander $200.00
Clara Moorman $150.00
Kara and Alan Beaman $104.00
Amanda Hayden $100.00
Brenda Anne Doxey $100.00
Bruce Smith $100.00
Frank and LuAnna Harris $100.00
Jay McCloy $100.00
Jordana R $100.00
Karen Sullivan $100.00
Kimberly Calder $100.00
Kumar Palaniandy $100.00
Linda and Charles Schlosser $100.00
Lucas Williams $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Mary Kay Wilson $100.00
Matching Gift - Linda Schlosser $100.00
Norman & Carol Alexander $100.00
Penina Jimmy Ariella Scullion $100.00
Ann Meehan $50.00
Gala and Keith LeGrand $50.00
John Caliri $50.00
John Wright $50.00
Kathryn Harris $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Nancy Heacock $50.00
Nikki Schwob $50.00
Pat Kinane $50.00
Randall Watts $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Will McCammon $50.00
Anonymous $30.00
Tom Kinane $25.00
Bailey Hobbs $15.00
Anonymous $10.00
Ashley McKinney $10.00