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About Claire Crozier

I'm riding for my best friend, Lucy, a truly inspirational, courageous and absolutely incredible woman.  (She's the one on the left in this rather old photo of us).

Diagnosed with MS in 2013, this year Lucy will be travelling to Mexico to receive a progressive treatment called HSCT, which we hope will halt the progression of her MS.  Feeling a little helpless, as she is based in London while I'm in San Francisco, I wanted to show my dedication and support for her and the fight against MS, and what better way than to take five weeks off work and cycle from Seattle to San Diego?!  :)

As I write, I'm 4.5 months away from the starting line, with a dodgy foot in a boot that doesn't seem to want to heal and not much training under my belt/saddle/padded pants!  How hard can it be to cycle 1852 miles (assuming I don't get lost and add a few more to that final number...!) in 32 days???!!!  

Did I mention how much I hate hills.....?? But the hills I'll have to climb are nothing in comparison to what Lucy, and everyone else around the world with MS, will have to face this year, and for that reason I will keep on pedalling through any of the pain I'm surely about to subject my body to!

If you're interested in reading about Lucy's HSCT journey, I would recommend checking out her brutally honest and beautifully written blog:

If you are able to share a donation - no matter how small - it would be very gratefully received and will help us raise awareness about MS and hopefully one day find a cure!  Thank you :)

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