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About Aaron Goldenberg


I've dreamed of riding my bicycle cross-country for many years, though it always felt like one of those dreams that would never come to be.  A few months ago, however, I decided to actually make the dream a reality.  I realized that the time was right; I'd been cycling pretty seriously for the last 4 years and since I was between careers, it was a great opportunity to bicycle across the country.

So, having decided to take on the challenge, I started looking for a tour online.  And like many here, I discovered the Bike the US for MS ride while doing my online searches.  Having participated the last four years in the South Florida MS-150, and having had such a wonderful experience each time, I was immediately drawn to the idea of riding cross country to raise awareness and fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis.  I figured that as inspiring and moving as each of the MS-150's was for me, this ride had to be 25 times better (well, it IS 25 times longer... so it has to be that much better, right?).   

Like others here, my life has been touched by MS through a close friend.  I'll be riding for her, and for others who have to deal with MS every day.  I'll be riding so that more research can be done and to get closer to finding a cure.

As for the particulars about me, my name is Aaron, I'm 57, and originally from Westchester County, NY.  I now live in Boca Raton, Florida, where the weather is perfect year-round for cycling. I have varied interests, from movies to politics to music. I've had many different jobs in my life, from retailer to business owner to photographer.  Though I've had the great fortune to see much of the United States during my 15 years as a nature photographer, I'm really looking forward to seeing this country in a whole different way this time... slower, on two wheels, and with the focus more on the experience than on the pictures.   I'm really looking forward to this adventure: for the opportunity to discover this country through new eyes, and to meet new people along the way, while at the same time raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

Please help fight MS by sponsoring my ride, which I'm dedicating to my dear friend Claudia. My personal goal is to raise $4000, which is just a little more than a dollar per mile.  Your generous contribution will bring me that much closer to my goal. A donation of just a penny per mile is only $40, and will bring us closer to a CURE for MS.
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Aaron Goldenberg's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2011 TEAM TOTAL: $102149

ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $3669
Anonymous $1100.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Gloria Goldenberg $250.00
Susan E Goldenberg $200.00
Hortense Goldenberg $150.00
Aaron Goldenberg $100.00
Arna I. McNiff $100.00
dom esposito $100.00
michael weinblatt $100.00
George Pincus $75.00
Anthony & Amy Polak $60.00
Maxim Group LLC $60.00
Joyce Lampert $54.00
Howard Weinblatt $50.00
Jacob Bernstein $50.00
Michael Schaffer $50.00
Sharon Abrams $50.00
Simon Bernstein $50.00
Howard D. Lawrence $25.00
MaryAnn Sannasardo $25.00
Cassoday Sports Bar $10.00
Donna Covello $10.00