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About Marc Bowen

Thank you to my supporters - the fund raising MINIMUM has been reached so that MAXIMUM effort can begin in the fight to find a cure for MS.

From the comfort of your favorite air conditioned chair you can take a virtual ride with me as I go across, go here for my Ride Reports and to see my progress.

Be thinking about your own Victory Over Adversity in your life as you read the stories of others who, like you, are driven by the "we shall not fail" attitude.

See you down the road!


-orginal post-

HUZZAs from NC!

Greetings fellow adventurers and donors.

Welcome to my fund raising page - I've been working hard to get here on many fronts and am ready to work even harder to help cure MS.  I am what you could call a challenged cyclist having developed axonal + demyelinating peripheral neuropathy.  Although limited in walking and standing, there is no place like home in the saddle. 

The dream to cross the US by bike started in 1976 when the first edition Bikecentennial maps arrived and the trip instantly went on my bucket, some 40 years later, the opportunity to for "us" to do this together has arrived. 

That's right, as a donor you are a member of Team Victory! 

"Victory" has special meaning as my life's work is dedicated to preserving an amazing American story with regard to the patriot militia who rode horses (no bikes in 1780!) along the Victory Trail to battle the most feared and well provisioned military in the world, the British army.  

These brave patriotrs, about 900 in number, defeated more than 1,200 loyalists at the Battle of Kings Mountain on October 7th, 1780 which was a significant turning point in our nation's fight for independence....and where did the surrender of Great Britian take place? 

None other than the starting point of our journey in Yorktown, VA a little over a year later on October 19th, 1781.

All along the route I plan to bring attention to the fight to end MS as well as telling the inspiring story of the men and women who won America - both stories reflect the same idea "Together, We Shall Not Fail"...and if you are like me, we can all use a strong dose of that sentiment these days....I chose to not dwell on limitations - overcoming adversity,  that is where Victory lives.

In celebration of the Victory Trail story I am asking for your generous support in denominations that pay tribute to the year 1781.

Prior to departure all donors will receive a custom URL that will allow you to follow the progress of Team Victory! as we make our way across this great country.

A Team Victory! blog will also be updated throughout the journey.

Team Victory! giving levels are as follows: (the system may round these numbers slightly)

Patriot - $17.81

Militia Captain - $178.10

Continental Commander - $1,781

Other: $______



MS Bowen



Marc Bowen's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $271836

RAISED: $4030
Friends of the Overmountain Victory Trail $1780.00
David Abernathy MD $1103.00
Ken Tolin $250.00
Overmountain Realty $178.00
Patriot Captain aka Dad $178.00
Patriot Captain aka Mom $178.00
Steve Johnstone $100.00
Ashley Bowen $50.00
Guillermo Rodriguez $50.00
Randell Jones $50.00
Anonymous DH $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
James McNabb $20.00
Anonymous $18.00