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Hello, Thank you for viewing my site. I started riding for “Bike the US for MS” in 2014 - I did the TransAm Route. This May 2017, I will be cranking up hills again and working to help raise money for Multiple sclerosis (or MS). This trip will be self supported as I peddle along the country side in the UK from London, Dover, Dunkirk, Bruges, Ghent, to Brussels (Just under 225 miles). I am honor to ride again for MS and with St Vrain Chain Gang Cycling Club, (VCGC) - Colorado base club. This group introduced me to cycling, which helped to save my life. Riding for MS has become a mission. I have seen first hand how individuals that have been stricken with this disease can benefit from the new treatments and advances research that is going on, but money must be raised.

I am trying to raise $1,000. which,100% of these donations will go to “Bike the US for MS”. Your donation is also a Tax Deduction: Bike the US for MS Inc is a 501c3 tax exempt organization with tax ID #27-2192426. I will pay all expenses that I include for this trip, flight, food and other travel expenses. Your donations all go directly to help stop MS. Please, join with me while I ride to stop MS and find a cure. Donate today!

You can make your tax deductible donation of any amount right here online, or you can write a checks out to “Bike the US for MS” and put my name in the memo line “Olivia RuiZamora”. Once the letter is received by the organization, they will post the donation to my site website. Thank You!

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