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About Danielle Sedlak

I first learned about bike the US for MS a few years ago when a classmate in college decided to do the ride. My mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for many years, so I understand how much people struggle with this disease. MS is a disease which affects a person's nervous system and can cause a range of symptoms, most often including balance and coordination which makes day-to-day activities very difficult for most patients, sometimes preventing them from being able to walk or even hold a pen. 

I currently work full time as a veterinary technician and am doing an online master's degree which ends in May, so I am super excited to spend a week biking through Virginia when I am done with school!

I wish I was able to do the entire ride from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA, but unfortunately I will only be riding the segment from Yorktown,VA to Blacksburg, VA (360 miles) as that is all of the time off I can take from work currently, but this is a great place to stop since I am a Hokie! Any contribution, even very small, will be greatly appreciated towards my ride and towards raising money for researching MS and helping out those who suffer from MS.

Danielle Sedlak's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2017 TEAM TOTAL: $106226

ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1315
Ed Tilmont $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Bruce and Anita Brand $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Michael Sedlak $100.00
MargeSteveGrandma BachirSedlak $70.00
Catherine Nguyen $50.00
Christopher Marquis $50.00
Michael Tramontano $50.00
Shawn Bittinger $50.00
Stephanie McCracken $50.00
Dog Walking $45.00
Ryan Huber $40.00
Yoonji Ha $40.00
Cordelia Weiss $30.00
Dog Walking $25.00
Jessie Gunter $25.00
Katherine Williams $25.00
Victoris Harloe $25.00
Marianna Bowker $20.00
Cheryl Olechnowicz $15.00
Anonymous $5.00