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Aug 2017 UPDATE: I have done it. Rode my bicycle 3,674 miles from Astoria, Oregon to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Do not think I am done raising funds for this worthwhile organization yet.  You have until Dec. 31, 2017 to help out!

Initial notice:

As another year rolls around, I am determined to cycle across the US of A!  My attempt last year was short circuited by a broken collar bone.  Again this year, I will be raising funds for Bike the US for MS but rather than riding on one of their tours, I've chosen another path.

As one directly affected by MS, this cause is very important to me.  I also have a cousin and sibling who are dealing with this nasty disease. If we can support research to find a cure while assisting those who are fighting MS, LET'S DO IT!!!

Please help me help others, donate today.

Thank you,

Nikki Grimes

Nikki Grimes' Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $4455
Facebook Fundraiser $670.00
Craigslist Charitable Fund $300.00
Roel Andriessen $250.00
Alan Dagg $200.00
Charles Kelley $200.00
Judy and Marle Hewett $200.00
Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuks $150.00
Anonymous $125.00
Arthur Donaldson $100.00
Bonnie Ritchey $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
David Montgomery $100.00
Ed Janet Gregory $100.00
Enid Meyer $100.00
Jeremy Zawodny $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Linda Duchscherer $100.00
Michael and Anita Millard $100.00
Paul and Sharma Shields $100.00
Wayne Simonson $100.00
Daniel Tupper $75.00
Barbara Dahl $50.00
Bert Canepa $50.00
Bev Benzon $50.00
Bill Carcot $50.00
Frank jablonski $50.00
HF and Marvin Strope $50.00
linda Fung $50.00
Linelle Marshall $50.00
Louise Lynch $50.00
Mary Ayala $50.00
Michael Lella $50.00
Pat Wai $50.00
Robert and Carol Shannon $50.00
wayne augsburger $50.00
Lauren HOFFMAN $35.00
Michelle Reimann $35.00
Sharma Shields $35.00
Blaine and Patricia Cluff $30.00
Bert Howard $25.00
Bob Haley $25.00
David Lindstrom $25.00
Ellen Peters $25.00
kathleen osmond $25.00
Shirley Brasesco $25.00
Tony Flusche $25.00
Paul and Jane Sperry $20.00
Russ and Gloria Russell $20.00
Lynne Howe $10.00