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About Brittany Ashe

My name is Brittany and I am, currently, the store manager at Chantilly Lace Bridals in Blacksburg, VA.  I've grown up in Blacksburg since I was 6 and apparently I've liked it too much to leave!  I'm 25 now and I'm going to make this a memorable why not bike across the country?

This is an amazing opportunity and the cause makes it even more awesome.  MS is a mysterious and unfair disease and I hope, someday soon, there is a cure.  Donations will go to the James Q. Miller MS Clinic in Charlottesville, VA.  All donations are tax deductible - tax ID #27-2192426.  Any donation, big or small, will make a difference in finding a cure.

I look forward to experiencing the US in all it's beauty this summer, while helping fund research for MS.  Lets do this!

"I love people who can make things happen." Carol Lim

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Brittany Ashe's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2011 TEAM TOTAL: $102149

ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $3801
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation $650.00
Tony & Beth Ashe $650.00
Beth Ashe $500.00
James Lebolt $250.00
Amy W Woods $100.00
April M. Gregory $100.00
Brittany Ashe $100.00
Emily Oakley $100.00
Ethan Bugh $100.00
Harold Marion Warren $100.00
Harvey & Terri Spahr $100.00
Jeffrey & Debra Bodemer $100.00
Kristin Shortt $100.00
Traci L Fox $100.00
Ashley Steinkraus $50.00
Brittany Denardo $50.00
David Combs $50.00
Erin Johnson $50.00
Fred & Emily Oakley $50.00
Frenda H Wall $50.00
James Bryan Gibbs $50.00
Karen Breitenbach $50.00
Katherine Mullendore $50.00
Laura K. Johnson $50.00
Whitney Marie Eggleston $50.00
Sheila S Underwood $30.00
Anonymous $25.00
Marivic B. Gallimore $25.00
Rebecca A Franklin $25.00
Gregory Papillon $20.00
Slackers in Torrey, Utah $16.00
Wallace L. Huff $10.00