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After completing the 2015 TransAM with BikeTheUS and seeing the amazing work they do, not only to support the research into the fight against MS but the support they give to people suffering from this disease, I knew I'd be back for another challenge at some here I am! I met and rode with some truly inspirational people in America that are suffering from the the least I can do is tackle 1000 miles in the "lovely" British weather for a couple weeks! MS is a disease that has had an impact on my own family, my cousin Claire suffered from the illness and sadly lost her battle with the disease aged 36. I'm very proud and lucky to be part of such a strong family unit, and will once again be riding in her memory.

Any donation, big or small, or even just spreading the word would be fully appreciated! Please feel free to contact me for any further information or details!

Best get the ol' trusty stead out the shed, buy a new tent and do some training that consist's of riding further than the pub and back...

Shaun Copp's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1423
Anonymous $298.00
Parker Hannifin $259.00
Paul and Gilly Sanders $128.00
Patrick Ions $97.00
Great Torrington Bluecoat School $58.00
Ian Cockwill $52.00
Adam Williams $32.00
Gran Dymond $32.00
Jamie Bright $33.00
Martin Boundy $32.00
George Folland $26.00
J V $26.00
Karl Baggaley $25.00
Matt Smart $26.00
Mum and Dean $26.00
Nathan Copp $26.00
Richard Goldsworthy $26.00
Tom Hampton $26.00
James Starkey $20.00
Pete McMillan $20.00
Ross Middleton $19.00
Ryan Turner $19.00
Aaron Harper-penman $13.00
Ben Scott $13.00
Bev H-P $13.00
Jane Huxtable $13.00
JHP and Keith $13.00
Lee Francis $13.00
Michael Trengove $13.00
Sophie Palmer $13.00
Stephanie THORNE $6.00
Stephanie THORNE $6.00