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Breaking in a brand new Kona Wheelhouse that's replaced my (ever-so-Vermont) mountain bike. :-)
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About Robilee Smith

At age 61, I am embarking on my first major bike ride.  Fortunately, I have a great coach:  my husband Kevin (O'Brien) is a veteran of the Bike the U.S. for MS tours and will, I hope, have our tent set up by the time I finish each day's segment.  (I'll probably give him enough time to make dinner for us, too....)

For those who know me:  yes, this is a challenge!  I spent thirty years tethered to a computer and am now joyfully training for the Bike the U.K. for MS charity ride.  When I find it hard to get out of bed for a morning spin class, I think of the 2.4 million people who arise each day and courageously live as fully as possible with Multiple Sclerosis; I've learned that most (90%) are mobility-impaired.  The funds from our ride help here:  the need for modifications to homes and vehicles contributes to the high cost of this disease (averaging $1.2 million dollars over a lifetime of treatment).  In addition to direct support, contributions also go to MS research to reduce and, we hope, eventually find a cure for this disease. 

To join the ride, we need to raise a pound (as in British currency....not excess weight -- am trying to get rid of the latter!) for each of the 1,006 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End. Contributions of any size are welcome, appreciated and will go to improve the lives of those living with MS.

THANKS for any support you can offer (morale ncluded!)!

Robilee Smith's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1869
Greg Smith $155.00
Bill Straub $100.00
Janet Day-Strehlow $129.00
Karen Nawn-Fahey $100.00
Maurice O'Brien $126.00
Patricia Cook $100.00
Nye and Betty Smith $123.00
Juliana O'Brien $65.00
Ashana Lobody $50.00
Clive Tucker $64.00
Denise Lipman $50.00
Ellen Silverman $50.00
Johanna Brombach Scott Boeck $50.00
Mary Money $50.00
Mary Warner $50.00
Matthias Wacker $50.00
Mindy Dave Weinman $50.00
Mindy Fener Socolow $50.00
Nick McCardle $50.00
Nigel Davies $50.00
PATRICIA Shelby $50.00
William Thurber $50.00
Charles Bates $30.00
Carol DelGaudio $25.00
Diane Rauch $25.00
Janet Hill $25.00
Mary Cosh $33.00
Michael Thomas $32.00
Deb Sharpe $25.00
Nadine Tozer $25.00
Kristin Kany $15.00
S Carol Theisen $10.00
The Dolphin $8.00
Colin Guppy $3.00