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About John Dobbs

Three years ago my brother, Steve biked across the country with the Fuller Center.  At the time I said that's crazy, who does that?  As I read his weekly reports, I " said someday".  Well someday has come and I am pumped up to be part of this team.

While I do not personally don't know anyone with MS, I know it can be a devastating disiese,  so let us try to make a dent.  If you send me a buck or two I will ride 3070 miles {not counting my getting lost miles} to raise money and awareness.

You can donate on this site under my name or mail check to:  Bike the US for MS

                                                                                                   PO Box 10001

                                                                                                   Blacksburg VA 24062

Please put my name on memo line of check  All donations are tax deductable.

I would like to thank you in advace for any contributions, thoughts and prayers for our group as we go coast to coast.

Think snow.

John Dobbs' Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $3122
Fink Family $307.00
Egan Company $250.00
Steven and Bren Knowlton $250.00
Mia Dobbs $200.00
Dan Bednar $100.00
Doug Otto $100.00
Fred Pawelk $100.00
Jay Hollywood Cycles $100.00
Jerry Barton $100.00
Mark Holmes $100.00
Matching Gift $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Rye Texas truck driver texas $100.00
Severin Molitor $100.00
Steven and Bren Knowlton $100.00
Steven and Sara Dobbs $100.00
Steven Bakke $100.00
Ron pocquette $75.00
John Dobbs $70.00
bryan hartfiel $60.00
Carl and Janiel Hockenberry $50.00
Duane and Judy Puro $50.00
Joe Demaggio $50.00
Joe Erickson $50.00
Justin Seckar $50.00
Lawrence and Diane Dobbs $50.00
Resident NEw Roads LA $50.00
Resident of New Roads LA $50.00
Sue McCoy $50.00
Tim Davis $50.00
Lori Dobbs $40.00
Jan Hoffman $25.00
Melissa Morse $25.00
Karen Schrader $20.00