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2017 Giant Defy Advanced
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About James Brandenburg

Hi everyone, although I'm late to the game I'm excited to be joining the Southern Tier team in their quest to stomp out MS as we ride from Louisiana to Florida next month. I'm a miitary veteran of over 27 years having served around the globe in support of our nation.  Now, I get the opportunity to serve again by raising funds for a great cause in order to raise awareness and help those in need.  Personally, I had very little awareness of this disease and its effects until I did some research on MS.  Then, when I started talking to folks about it many of them shared their stories of people like you and me who have MS and the toll it takes on their lives.  For this very reason, I knew I needed to join the cause.

As a charity ride, we depend on your donations!  Yes, some funds are needed to support the riders but the majority of all money raised serves to fight MS.  Please help me in the fight by donating to this cause - I'm hoping to raise $1,300 and have very little time to do so. Every little bit helps whether it be $1, $10, $20, or more ... Like you I look forward to helping bring smiles and hope to those afflicted by MS.  Thank you so much for your support and I hope to see all of you as we RIDE HARD to stomp out MS!      

James Brandenburg's Fundraising


ALL 2017 TEAMS TOTAL: $462858

RAISED: $1410
Facebook Fundraiser $320.00
CBG Company $100.00
Charles Goldsmith $100.00
Jeremy Anderson $100.00
Patricia Brandenburg $100.00
Peter Knezevich $100.00
Russell Wiley $100.00
Tina Weber $75.00
Anonymous $65.00
Bryan Gibson $60.00
Anonymous $50.00
Brad Brandenburg $50.00
J Buchanan $50.00
Michael Dohrmann $50.00
Scott George $50.00
George Akins $40.00