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About Bill Slott

I live on Kibbutz Ketura (a small intentional community) in the Arava Desert at the southern tip of Israel.  There, my wife Miriam and I have raised three wonderful daughters, and there I cycle through the desert hills every morning.

I’m a tour guide, taking people around Israel for a living, but my favorite job of the year has always been as guide for the “Israel Ride”, a week-long 300-mile cross-country ride that raises money for the Arava Institute and Hazon.  After participating in this ride 17 times, I got to thinking that if I laid them end to end I could make it all the way across the U.S.

A brief search led me to Bike the US for MS and I knew it was the perfect fit. As much as I want to challenge myself physically, I would also like to raise money for an important cause, and I have witnessed the devastation that MS can cause in my friend and neighbor who has been battling this awful disease for 20 years.  

We’ll be camping out every night and covering our own food expenses to make sure that the majority of the funds donated go directly to help people with MS and for MS research.  


In order to participate, I need to raise $3,800 (a dollar per mile) but I would like to raise more if possible.  Please consider a donation to support this cause. You’ll be joining me in the ride, in the challenge and in the battle against MS.  

Bill Slott's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $150198

RAISED: $7240
Jeremy Kaufman $504.00
Irving Slott $500.00
Joseph and Dina Kruger $500.00
Joseph Slott $500.00
Josh Star-Lack $500.00
Josh Star-Lack $500.00
Marvin Slott $500.00
Eilon Schwartz $360.00
Marshall Brinn $360.00
Noah-Susan Efron-Warchaizer $360.00
Robyn and Alon Tal $360.00
The Housen-Couriels Housen-Couriel $360.00
Julia Frank $180.00
Katherine Ralston $180.00
Steven Jacobson $180.00
David Eisenberg $118.00
Harvey Cohen $100.00
Lori Kaplan $100.00
MIcha N $100.00
Michael Pinnolis $100.00
Neil Leifer and Ellen Carno $100.00
Robert Efron $100.00
Shani Lasin $100.00
Sharon Cohen $100.00
Y. Rosenthal $100.00
Jack Platt $90.00
MichaelandAlison CohenandHill $72.00
Spencer Erman MD $54.00
Anita Cooper $36.00
Carl Jacobs $36.00
Lester Blumberg $36.00
Randall Miller $36.00
Martin Buchman $18.00