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About Chet Seapy

Riding my bicycle across the USA with BikeTheUSforMS in 2011 was an incredible experience.  This coming summer of 2018 I plan to ride across the USA again, but this time on the Northern Tier route.

On this tour I will be riding in honor of my daughter-in-law, Louisa Seapy, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 13 years ago at the young age of 18.  She had symptoms ranging from numbness in her legs to optic neuritis.  Thanks to monthly treatments over the last ten years, today she only experiences slight numbness in her legs and a small amount of blindness in her left eye.

Thank you for your donation to help Louisa and thousands like her to find a cure and to cope with the challenges of living with MS.

Riding to give hope to those with MS,

Chet Seapy

Chet Seapy's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $150198

RAISED: $3415
Anonymous $500.00
Karen Hanson $500.00
Trisha Rosen $500.00
John Reay $250.00
Scott Heinz $250.00
Alan Meek $200.00
Dave Seapy $200.00
Marian McLiverty $200.00
Abner Schmucker $100.00
Anne Tomforde $100.00
David Lonnquest $100.00
Francis Hurd $100.00
Minot Clements $100.00
Victoria Tremaglio $100.00
Agnes Hanson $50.00
Briana Seapy $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Wendy Lester $25.00
Horst Kolhstadt $20.00
Louise Rafferty $20.00