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About Laura Cross

My name is Laura Cross. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 26, after an intense battle with meningitis and post viral myletis. At the time our youngest was 6 months old and our oldest was a little over a year. My best friend and husband of 17 years has been by my side despite confinement to a wheelchair, progressions to a walker, and then a cane. Thankful to the Shepard Centers MS clinic, which placed me on immunoglobulin once a month. It has changed our life. We support Bike MS because of their love for the MS community. They are helping those living with MS to afford the best quality of life possible. Our kids would love to ride once they are 18. MS is a family disease it affects the whole not just the person. Thankful to this group of awesome bikers who are loving on the MS community.

Laura Cross' Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $1158
Facebook Birthday Fundraiser $413.00
Robert L Dickenson $250.00
Luke Kopakowski $100.00
Eric and Charlotte Lucas $50.00
Linda Osborne $50.00
Lynda Cross $50.00
Samantha Blevins $50.00
Michael and Linda Harvey $40.00
Nisha MacNeil $25.00
Sally and Edward Kopakowski $25.00
Sally Champneys-Smith $25.00
Adam Miller $20.00
Karen Chafetz $20.00
Laura Gorzycki $20.00
Patricia Hilscher $20.00