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About Maureen McAnany


My name is Maureen (or Moe)!  I am an occupational therapist in a school setting whose hobbies include running, biking, hiking, swimming and dancing to Lady Gaga.  I am so excited to be joining the northern tier team for a portion of their ride! My best friend and running bud, Ryan Terry, is doing the full ride.  When he told me about his acceptance to be part of this amazing experience I was thrilled for him... and jealous! After a little research (ok and maybe an IPA or two..) we figured out that I could meet the team in Fargo, ND and complete the rest of the ride! Within a few days I was accepted to join the team! I'm so greatful to share this experience with my hometown best friend while raising awareness for a disease that affects my brother's hometown best friend.  I have no doubt this is going to be an incredible summer and am thankful for every dollar we can raise that will go towards research, treatment and spreading awareness of MS.

Thabk you, thank you, THANK YOU!


Maureen McAnany's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $2612
Matthew Quilter $200.00
Lauren Israel $150.00
Facebook Fundraiser $119.00
Jack and Debbie McAnany $100.00
Lauren Israel $100.00
Mildred McAnany $100.00
Paul & Jeanne McAnany $100.00
Corinne McDaniels $75.00
Lisa Fischer $75.00
brian and linda Dougherty $50.00
Carolyn Strent $50.00
Chelsea Petree $50.00
Chris and Pat Congdon $50.00
Colleen Buckley $50.00
Dorothy Nisbet $50.00
Linda Israel $50.00
Marge Murphy $50.00
Marge Murphy $50.00
Margie Terry $50.00
Patrick and Jenny Mc $50.00
Pete Eichensehr $50.00
Sarah Warner $50.00
Stephanie Zahra $50.00
Steven McAnany $50.00
Emily Guarino $30.00
Mary Labarron-dewey $30.00
Michelle Seeger $30.00
Patricia Hricasko-Gray $30.00
Brittany Broderick $28.00
Amy Congdon $25.00
Ashlee Bueg $25.00
Cailey Taylor $25.00
Carolyn Henry $25.00
Chelsea Wheeler $25.00
Cindy Webster $25.00
Corinne McDaniels $25.00
Erin Sullivan $25.00
Jared Kase $25.00
Kate Vantucci $25.00
Kelsey Burglund $25.00
KiKi Gelke $25.00
Lauren Donihue $25.00
Laurie Quackenbush $25.00
Liz Forster $25.00
Lucas Kwiatkowski $25.00
Mary D'Ambrosio Zielinski $25.00
Ryan Terry $25.00
Steven Levitsky $25.00
Sue and Bill Hart $25.00
Taryn Accurso $25.00
Alex Lent $20.00
Amy Piatek $20.00
Carolyn Mandeville $20.00
Jen Katz $20.00
Kristin Bezek $20.00
Emily Congdon $15.00
Jennifer Schultze $15.00
Kirsten Clancy $15.00
Sangjin An $15.00
Caitlan Congdon $10.00