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About Timothy Cope

I couldn't be more excited about riding for MS!  My first bike trip was over 200 miles on a tandem bike with my 13 year old son Collin from Burlington, VT to Mt. Tremblant, Canada.  That was my way of getting him to summer camp.  Collin & I went a second year and then I rode two more years with my younger son Evan at ages 14 & 15.  My daughter, Lindsey, chose not to go by way of bike because she would have to sweat or stop reading.  Since they were in the back, I couldn't see if they pedaled the whole way, but they tell me they did.  Except for the few times when I could sense them nodding off!  It was a credit card trip, staying in B&B's - meeting some really fun people.  My other trip was around Lake Champlain with three friends.  I am ready for a bigger challenge and imagine I will be sad when I have to get of the tour in Middlebury.  Hopefully, another year will afford me more time for the entire tour.

Collin, Evan, & Lindsey have done a good job of raising me and my wife, Paula.  Collin is a childcare teacher and our twins Evan and Lindsey are supporting the higher education system by contributing tuition at colleges in NY and the mid-west. 

This trip is especially meaningful for me since my mother, Mary Etta, suffered with MS for 28 years.  Through it all, she continued to find the good parts of life and kept a positive outlook every day.  She found humor in small things and never missed an opportunity to be grateful for what she had.  So, this is for you Mom.  I’m riding to advance MS research and help make the lives of others’ a little better.

I am glad to be riding with Kevin O'Brien who has been a friend for 15 years and talked me into making this trip.  Kevin and I thank Flatbread Factory for the very successful "Beer Tasting" Fundraiser they held for us.  This was right up Kevin's alley as a longtime rugby player.

Thanks to all who are organizing this bike tour.  Thanks to Paula for supporting me on this trip and all the bike stuff I buy.  Thanks to Collin, Lindsey, & Evan for nudging and sometimes pushing me to try new stuff.

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Timothy Cope's Fundraising


ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $2890
Flatbread Factory Beer Tasting $480.00
Carol VanArtsdalen $250.00
Sara A Cope $250.00
Shelburne Eyeworks, PLC $105.00
Cornell & Joanne Cross $100.00
Peter McGlinchy $100.00
Stuart Wichert $100.00
timothy l cope $100.00
john sowles $75.00
Katherine Wolinsky $75.00
Wendy Saville $60.00
Barry & Carol Stone $50.00
Brian D Shuman $50.00
Brigette L White $50.00
Chris & Susanne Smith $50.00
Dwaine & Susan Smith $50.00
Gail Rosenberg $50.00
Hattie Johnson $50.00
Janet K dyer $50.00
Johnson & Finnigan, LLP $50.00
Orrien Griesemer $50.00
Sarah Sprayregen $50.00
Scott Witted $50.00
James Cohen $40.00
Robert & Anne Mason $40.00
Susan Martin $40.00
Susan Martin $40.00
Joan G. Lenes $35.00
Caleidoscope Communications Co. $30.00
Chris & Beverly Boget $30.00
Christopher & Mary Anne Sheahan $30.00
Catherine K Fraser $25.00
Diana & Gregory Langston $25.00
J. Jones $25.00
Jennifer R Luitjens $25.00
Marianne Fougere $25.00
Michael & Sherry Prehoda $25.00
Roxana Richmeier $25.00
S Chapin Spencer $25.00
Sandra F. Chizinsky & A. William Miller II $25.00
Suzanne L Crews $25.00
John Owen Banks $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Michael Egan $20.00