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About Bart and Mirjam Van Slageren

BARTandeMIRJAM. She has MS an he has to live with that. Together.

We are riding a tandem for over many years now. We where able to bike with MS in Europe. We went form Amsterdam to Berlin and back. We went to the northern part of Danmark and back. And together we went south to Torrevieja in Spain.

Before the MS came into our lives we went cycling and camping with our kids. In the beginning of our relation we started cycling and camping in France.

The transam is the dream of every long-distance cyclist. Or at least you have thought about it.

We where preparing to ride the transam by our selves. Reading about it and surfing on the internet we came in contact with biketheusforms. We finally decide to go for it! Just the way we did on our earlier trips in Europe

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow and live today!

Bart and Mirjam Van Slageren's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $7993
Anonymous $3785.00
Surpiseparty In de Heeren $261.00
Susan Gielens $220.00
SuzanneTilmanMathijsKlaas Rem $200.00
Bridgeclub maandagmiddag $180.00
Ross Moosnick $150.00
Tamara Van der Ploeg $150.00
Dutch Shroom $136.00
Sandra en Erik Vroegop $125.00
Anonymous $124.00
Edy en Lou $122.00
Kees en Lia $122.00
Anonymous $120.00
Anonymous $120.00
Anja Witte $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
BFF HenkMarloes $100.00
MarcelYvette Baas $100.00
Sandra Kompier $100.00
Toos en Andre Gunst $100.00
Anonymous $71.00
Elleenannet Vermeulen-Meijer $65.00
Marie and Kaleb Kleine $63.00
PE ASMA $61.00
Anonymous $60.00
Bart Kaasbergen $59.00
Karin en Martin $58.00
Anja Benny en Abe $53.00
Erna Brokkelkamp $50.00
Marieke Vos $50.00
Mark Lamping $50.00
Nico en Henny Gieling $50.00
Sissy Khemai $50.00
Yvette en Ouders Van Kroonenburg $45.00
Thijs Ingrid en Tim $43.00
Anonymous $42.00
Hans en Jolanda $41.00
Ap de Boer $38.00
Irene Boonekamp $35.00
Afke en Piet $31.00
Christa Smit $31.00
Anonymous $31.00
Good Times Cafe $30.00
Ingrid en Gerrie Andriessen $30.00
Maarten Droog $30.00
Peter en Inge Stroeven $30.00
Rein Uitdewilligen $30.00
Janny Toorenburgh $25.00
Mary Jane Zody $25.00
Melanie Kuiper $25.00
Miriam Rijbroek $25.00
Cash Donation $20.00
Farmington Barber Shop Lennard Link $20.00
Sanna Joosten $27.00
Anonymous $18.00
Gerda Blekemolen $18.00
Johanna en karel $18.00
Anonymous $18.00
Anonymous $18.00
Edwin Brandsma $15.00
Nienke H $15.00
Annette en PJ $12.00
Bianca Peters $12.00
Heidi Nieboer $12.00
Patrick Kemperman $12.00
Marlijn Van de Kuijlen $10.00
Anonymous $6.00