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About Jeff Gosch

I am 57 years old and a native of Colorado Springs. I have been an avid mountain biker for over 33 years!  A few years ago a friend introduced me to one of his friends who had cycled across the U.S. two times.  I was very intrigued and kept that thought in the back of my head, but never forgot.  I recently came to the point in my life that I wanted to do something  big, something special and something that would be a life changer for me.  I then decided I wanted to ride my bike across the U.S. as my buddy's friend had done years ago.  I started researching everything I could about taking on a venture as big as this.  In the course of my research, I found the MS site and then read about the fantastic things that the organization does and the incredible rides they put together. Well... the rest is history!  I am super excited about the upcoming trip, having fun researching more about the trip, researching a new bike, setting up a training schedule and learning how to raise tons of money for MS! I look forward to the trip with great anticipation!

Jeff Gosch's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $415841

RAISED: $8591
Global Underground Corporation $1000.00
Jim and Laura Hadley $310.00
Dave McConnell $307.00
Michael Winterbottom $307.00
Frontier-Mechanical Systems $300.00
Jay Carlson $300.00
Jeff Colleen Batchelor $300.00
Kevin Ferguson $300.00
Michael and Diane Miller $300.00
Albert Rogers $250.00
Cory Stearman $250.00
Laurie and Steve Ross $250.00
Ramon Ferggeezone $209.00
Conan Conboy $200.00
John Watson $200.00
Mary Ann White $200.00
Ken Bailey $150.00
matt and cathy ernst $150.00
Agnes Padia $115.00
Blaine Trogstad $115.00
Richard Palmer $115.00
Art Howells $100.00
Chad and Tammy McNamee $100.00
Don n Felicia Gosch $100.00
Doug and Kim Elsner $100.00
Dustin Sumner $100.00
Gene and Lisa Bigelow $100.00
Gretchen and Jack Conger $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jerry and Cathy Kammerer $100.00
Laura Baxter $100.00
Liz and Terry Lewis $100.00
Marsha and John Watson $100.00
marty galindo $100.00
Mary and Mike Lochmann $100.00
McDonald's Voyager Parkway $100.00
Stir Coffee and Cocktails $100.00
Tim and Ann Lasher $100.00
Tom Gosch $100.00
BethanyTom DeBerard $80.00
Brenda Bray $50.00
Cindy Marra $50.00
Courtney Batchelor $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Daran Daffern $50.00
Dennis Mullane $50.00
Diane Labriola $50.00
Jeff Wroe $50.00
Josh Woodruff $50.00
LaRita Archibald $50.00
MARY Lovell $50.00
Mary Patterson $50.00
Melissa Healy $50.00
Patti Law $50.00
Sarah Beaudin $50.00
Tami Pua $50.00
Caroline Wallace $40.00
Tim McCloy $40.00
Bryce and LaTisha Nelson $25.00
Candace Kammerer $25.00
Deana Denham $25.00
DJ Gosch Richmeier $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Mark Gosch $25.00
Cindy Marra $20.00
Mellisa Lewis $20.00
Road Donation - Poplarville, MS $13.00