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About Jeffrey Brath

11327 miles. 31 states. 6 months 8 days. 

That’s my ride.

In 2016 I signed up for the trans-am, I didn’t own a road bike, didn’t know a thing about cycle touring, road etiquette, proper bicycle clothing, how flat Kansas actually is or how bad tan lines could possibly get… but that all changed.

During that summer I fell in love with riding bicycles and the charity that allowed so many of us to experience the country in a way that is only dreamed about by others. 

We met many people affected my Multiple Sclerosis along our journey, as it turns out almost everyone you run into knows some one with MS. It affects not only the individual but their friends, family and community. Meeting so many people taught all of us more about what MS is and how hard it can be to live with. 

My Uncle Charlie has been affected by MS for some time now. Seeing first hand how it can affect someone and how positive support can make things just a little brighter for him is the reason I signed up with Bike the US for MS again. Watching how hard my Aunt Sharron works at her job and keeping Charlie going has inspired me to push myself to connect 4 of the bike routes in one summer and to push myself to fundraise $11,327 for charity. 

Being able to spread awareness and raise money for Multiple Sclerosis in counties that don’t have traffic lights to the biggest cities in the country just by riding a bicycle is incredible. 

Spending 6 months riding with Bike the US for MS will take me from Florida up to Maine across the northern part of the country to Washington down to California and then back across the southern border of the country to finish in Florida. 

I need to Raise $11,327 dollars total for this ride. Donations can be made on any of the 4 Route pages I am on. 

Thank you for supporting this ride!



If you have any questions or want to talk please feel free to contact me!

Jeffrey Brath's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $415841

RAISED: $4396
Larry Sietsma $800.00
Tiffany and Co Matching Gift $750.00
Tom Brath $750.00
Catherine Hall $500.00
Helen Zelley $200.00
Margaret Bajer $200.00
Paul Brennan $200.00
Apple Food Services New Jersey $116.00
Alyssa Morrissey $100.00
Norman Swensson $100.00
Patrick Brennan $100.00
Bruce and Gaye Murphy $75.00
Barbara Giangrande $50.00
Bonnie Morgan $50.00
Bridget Fayden $50.00
Bridget Fayden $50.00
Ed White $50.00
Ryan Terry $50.00
Ryan Terry $50.00
Kait Fiorilla Mike Ramirez $40.00
Barbara Shenise $25.00
Ellen Gasco $25.00
Highland Lakes General Store $25.00
Mike Platania $20.00
William Koroski $20.00