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About Nick Patrone

Born Human...evolved to a White Rabbit...ended up a Lost Boy.

4 "Bike the US for MS" cross country rides (13,000 miles riding and 13,000 more training) will do that to you...

What else can I say?

Many of you know I already rode the Northern Tier in why again? That trek started with snow, 28 out of 30 days of rain, and an ice storm over the mountains of New Hampshire...I would like to ride the first 1000 miles again to try to find out what New England and New York look like under a sunny sky...hope springs eternal...and the next 3300 miles because...well...America is truley beautiful, the land and  the people.

And more importantly, while enjoying myself on a daily basis in this rare atmosphere of life, I will be helping the cause of MS as I have done so for the past 4 years.



If you would like to donate to this ride here is the information.

                   Two easy ways to help:


1.  You can donate by credit card on this site by clicking on the orange "donate"  button  (at the bottom of the page ) and then by following given instructions, or,

2.  You can donate by mail by writing a check payable to “Bike the US for MS” ; please put in the memo line of the check my name.


Send to:     Bike the US for MS

                  P.O. Box 10001

                  Blacksburg, VA 24062


Once the check is received by the organization they will post the donation to this website.

 Please note that all donations are tax-deductible.  Bike the US for MS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization: tax ID # 27-2192426.

     Thank you for helping in this great cause.

           I have been thanking all donors in person, by phone, or by mail. This "Thank you" is for the anonymous donors whom I do not know and whom I wish I could thank in a more personal manner.

P.S. I am the second from the left in this picture taken at the end of the Southern Tier 2017

Nick Patrone's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $5002
Anonymous $1000.00
Judith Kornegay $600.00
Nick Patrone $500.00
Nick Patrone $500.00
Anonymous $500.00
Duncan Fagundus $300.00
David Ess $250.00
Janice Olson $250.00
Anonymous $250.00
Michael Lupton $150.00
Judith Kornegay $100.00
Phoebe Baconbitt $100.00
Barbara Schubauer $50.00
Mark Francek $50.00
Neil McCallum $50.00
Robert Kasper $50.00
Robert Kornegay $50.00
Tammy Kiger $50.00
Jane Jones $35.00
Dick Nanto $30.00
Shanon Castle $25.00
CFHC CFHC $20.00
charles taylor $20.00
Colin Berg $20.00
Chuck Pintac $10.00
Chuck Pintac $10.00
quentino gallagher $10.00
Eva P $5.00
Maggie Dog $5.00
Paul Patrone $5.00
nick Gallagher $2.00
James Gallagher $1.00
jimmy gallagher $1.00
Sabrina Patrone $1.00
stephanie gallagher $1.00
Stormy D $1.00