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About Marie and Kaleb Kleine

Welcome All!

We are excited that you are here.

For those of you who don’t know us:

We are Kaleb (the mustached figure pictured here) and Marie (non-mustached)— married couple, graduate students (Go Hokies!), and experienced outdoor sports novices. Even though we both remain surprisingly passionate about our individual graduate studies—Kaleb studies wireless communications while Marie gets jazzed about the intricacies of the ethical and religious dimensions of humanitarian engineering—we do our best to support each other through the slog that is the PhD. This effort is greatly improved by our choice to puppy parent our adorable little children, Lyle and Violet!

Other than hitting the books/lab, chilling with our pups, visiting our families in the mid-west (Go Packers!); we enjoy hitting the trails to hike, run, camp, mountain bike, frolic, skip, and hammock (we couldn’t leave out the most pretentious of all outdoor activities— just kidding, we’re not slackliners ;) ). We have found many opportunities to do all of these in our new-ish home, Blacksburg, VA.

For those of you who don’t know Bike the US for MS:

Bike the US for MS is a nonprofit organization that supports MS research, awareness, individuals with MS, and their families. They do this by supporting teams which raise funds to cycle cross-country all while giving these funds and lending a helping hand to their partner MS orgs and individuals along the way. Bike the US for MS is also a local Blacksburg, VA non-profit, which we are really pumped about. We are always excited when we can partner with local organizations to foster both a community of service and outdoor fun!

Kaleb + Marie + Bike the US for MS=

We are so pumped to be riding with Bike the US for MS this summer! It has been something that has both been on our minds and a line item on our grad student budgets for a few years now. Bike the US for MS has several routes, but we have selected the classic TransAm, traveling from Yorktown, VA to San Fransico, CA (3,785 miles in total) in June and July 2018. They require a minimum fundraising goal of $1/mile/rider, but we think we can shoot for more! After all, every dollar past the minimum is pure gravy that can be used to support those affected by MS!

While we both know individuals that have MS, we are honored to be dedicating this ride to Marie’s father, who passed in 2016, not from MS, but from a similarly debilitating set of medical conditions. We have seen first-hand that diseases, medical conditions, and the resulting disabilities are a family matter as much as an individual one. As a part of the ride, we want to do our best to listen to the individuals affected by this disease and help out how they see fit.

What YOU can do:

(1)    ENCOURAGE US! Your thoughts and words of encouragement during our preparation and the trip mean more than you know.

(2)    READ WITH US! As part of our preparation, we are reading several personal narratives expressed through poetry and prose by individuals with MS, including Laurie Clements Lambeth’s Veil and Burn and Nancy Mairs’s Waist-High in the World –shout-out to the amazing disabilities scholar Ashley Shew for these suggestions.

(3)    SPREAD THE NEWS! Give us a shout-out through your social media and everyday encounters!

(4)    JOIN THE RIDE! Does the whole trip sound a bit intimidating? There is an option to ride segments of the route with us. Check it out here

(5)    GIVE! We are excited to be raising funds to support individuals affected by MS and organizations that support these individuals and their families. If your pocketbooks allow, please give what you can to support us on this adventure!

Marie and Kaleb Kleine's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $9196
Stettler Properties $5000.00
Dale and Gayle Stettler $1570.00
Facebook Fundraiser $565.00
Greg and Judi Kleine $500.00
Alexander Alvarez $300.00
Anonymous $240.00
Eric Hintz $200.00
Marguerite Willman $200.00
Carol Kleinne-Purcell $111.00
Matthew Wisnioski $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Ranjana Chandramouli $90.00
Desen Ozkan $80.00
Jeffrey Gibson $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Joe Brown $40.00