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About Ed White

I am an Information Architect living in Wakefield, Rhode Island, and as long as I can remember I have wanted to propel myself across the US, either by foot or bike. When I learned about Bike The US for MS, I had my "carpe diem" moment. My wife was super supportive of the idea, and my employer was kind enough to grant me a leave of absence to pursue this dream, so here I go! Our ride will take us across the northern tier of the US, starting in Bar Harbor, ME and ending in Seattle, WA. 

I'm dedicating this ride to my late brother Chuck who died at far too young an age. And while he did not suffer from MS, he did have a passion for helping others. I know he would be so excited and supportive of me taking this opportunity to help those afflicted with MS both through the money we raise and the service projects we will perform along the route. I hope you'll help me exceed my goal of $1 per mile ($4,295). There are 2 ways you can do that:

1.  You can donate by credit card on this site by clicking on the "donate” button and following the instructions, or,

2.  You can donate by mail by writing a check payable to “Bike the US for MS”. Please put in the memo line of the check my name:  Ed White

Send to:
Bike the US for MS
P.O. Box 10001
Blacksburg, VA 24062

Once the check is received by the organization, they will post the donation to this website.

Employer matching gift forms can be emailed to info@biketheusforms.org or mailed to the address above.

Please note that all donations are tax-deductible.  Bike the US for MS Inc. is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization: tax ID # 27-2192426.

Thanks so much for your support!

Ed White's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $15201
Patrick O' Leary $4295.00
Anonymous $4295.00
Ed White $500.00
Mark Wichmann $300.00
John Waters $250.00
Nancy White $200.00
Tom and Kortney McManus $200.00
Bryan Shugg $150.00
Claudia Swain $150.00
Steve and Jane Stabile $150.00
David Matrullo $105.00
Catherine White $100.00
Connie Soper $100.00
Dan Amatuzzo George Chandler $100.00
David Coleman $100.00
David Hempe $100.00
Donn and Kathi Mall $100.00
Eve Keenan $100.00
Fred Carvalho $100.00
Grace Munique $100.00
Jame Sheehy $100.00
James and Heather Etter $100.00
Jeffrey and Barbara Ewald $100.00
john and suzanne thoms $100.00
Mark and Peg Furcolo $100.00
Matt Kadrovach $100.00
Michael Creedon $100.00
Paul Davidson $100.00
Peter Kuk $100.00
Regeneron $100.00
Sandy Casteel $100.00
Sheila Swan $100.00
Susan Barnes $100.00
Todd Estus $100.00
Tom and Beth Button $100.00
Kieta Mall $75.00
Andrew Skokowski $50.00
Beatrice MacGregor $50.00
Big Al Calvino $50.00
Brenda Fortune $50.00
Cesare Mitrano $50.00
Chris Horvath $50.00
David Fredrikson $50.00
Elizabeth Horan $50.00
Julie Erickson $50.00
Kathy Teixeira $50.00
kevin cunningham $50.00
Kim Kaufman $50.00
Lisa Chen $50.00
Matt Ewald $50.00
Noelle Flamand $50.00
Nooney Controls Corp $50.00
Noreen Mercier $50.00
Pamela Nahmias $50.00
Patricia Lipert $50.00
Perry Chapman $50.00
Richard Morrissey $50.00
scott curtis $50.00
Sharon Waters $50.00
Stephen Falk $50.00
Steve Borsher $50.00
Steven Clasby $50.00
Tracy Byrnes $50.00
Varuna Abeywardane $50.00
Jane and Eugene Seguin $45.00
Jane and Eugene Seguin $30.00
Anthony Caccia $25.00
Bethany Peckham $25.00
Buck Rumely $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Cynthia Piez-Pacheco $25.00
Dave and Sue Parkinson $25.00
Douglas Papciak $25.00
Elizabeth McNab $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Jieling Chen $25.00
John Ahern $25.00
John Burke $25.00
Justin Gallant $25.00
Lisa Josephson $25.00
Vincent and Kathy Murray $25.00
Vinnie Hayes $25.00
Alan Wild $20.00
Paige Twombly $16.00
Sarah White $15.00
Victoria Matrullo $5.00