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About Audrey Zizza

Hey all! 

Thanks for checking out my fundraising page! 

My name's Audrey, I am 20, currently living and working in Burlington, VT, enjoying the lovely people, natural beauty, and growing bike path that the small city has to offer. I have dreamt of biking across the country since I was 15 and stumbled upon Bike the US for MS with the help of Google. At this point in my life, I am itching for an epic adventure, so it seems like there is no better time than now to pedal coast to coast!

We will depart from Yorktown, VA on June 1st and arrive in San Fransisco, CA on August 1st. In addition to delivering our raised funds to the UVA MS Clinic, along the way we will complete a handful of service projects for people affected by MS. 

I am sure that this trip will be meaningful in itself, but it so amazing that I will get to be apart of something bigger by riding in support of MS research and awareness. None of my family or friends have MS. I know people who know people who have this disease. After reading up on MS, I have become passionate about raising awareness and funds, feel grateful to get to know people affected by MS, and to get the chance to help any way I can. My fellow riders and I will be raising $1.00 for every mile we ride, 3,785 miles and dollars in total. Even if you only have a dollar to spare, any donation would be so incredibly appreciated! Even if you aren't able to donate, do a little research and spread the word, any way you can support this amazing organization is valuable. Whether your support comes in dollar form or not, thank you so so much! :)

You can donate by clicking the orange button that says "DONATE!" a little up and to the right. 

If you choose to donate by mail you can write the check payable to Bike the US for MS with my name Audrey Zizza in the memo line. This can be sent to the following address:

Bike the US for MS 

PO Box 10001

Blacksburg, VA 24061

Audrey Zizza's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $3943
Jeff Massicotte $300.00
Tommy Derek Jake Sam $300.00
Jennifer Ryan $250.00
Max Zizza $250.00
Beck Anamin $200.00
Elena Comber $200.00
Eve Wrigley $200.00
Mark Levitan $200.00
Ted Zizza $200.00
Max Zizza $150.00
Anthony Rauche $100.00
Beck Anamin $100.00
Betty Parker $100.00
Erik Forsberg $100.00
Janet La Valley $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Mark Hunt $100.00
Mary EG King $100.00
Nancy Al Zizza-Stebbins $100.00
Scott and Kelly Macbeth $100.00
Susan van Mulbregt $100.00
The Cocce Family $100.00
colleen kelley $50.00
Eliza Mosurick $50.00
Rosemarie Turner $50.00
Beth Brigham $40.00
Larry Bird $33.00
Ben Vaughan $30.00
Anonymous $25.00
Danielle Smith $25.00
Kent Morsch $25.00
Lucy Zendzian $25.00
Melissa Smith $25.00
Cash Donation $20.00
Sarah Christensen $20.00
Isabel Belash $15.00
Jenna Hogan $15.00
Abby McCarthy $10.00
Alana Panni $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Eva Murray $10.00
Julia Assuncao $5.00