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About Matt Wotell

I have ridden, along with Bruce,Bogo, Ed and Wink more than 15 local MS rides including various rides with this great organization. Again, I am dedicating this ride to my West Point teammate Ron Danhof and my niece Lisa who was diagnosed 2 years ago. It inspires me how Ron has bravely fought this disease for a number of years and still attacks each day with a positive attitude. These people are my heroes.

Again I am looking forward to the physical and mental challenge of a ride of this magnitude along with the honor of performing service projects for those who have lost some or all of their mobility due to this horrible disease. Please help us help them.

If you choose to donate you can do this right here online, or mail donations to...

Bike the US for MS,

PO Box 10001 

Blacksburg, VA 24062

Write checks out to Bike the US for MS & put my name (Matt Wotell) in the memo line. Once the letter is received by the organization, they will post the donation to this website.

Tax Deduction Information: Bike the US for MS Inc is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization with tax ID #27-2192426

Matt Wotell's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $150198

RAISED: $7215
Ron Danhof $1000.00
Donald Ross $500.00
Lynn Kravitz $500.00
Ron Campbell $500.00
Scott Gillogly $500.00
Michael VanZetta $350.00
Jack Cerny $250.00
Keith Rockwell $250.00
Linda Huyck $250.00
Randall Oliver $250.00
Robert Portante $250.00
Robert Town $250.00
Bill Fletcher $100.00
Charles Mitchell $100.00
Dave Schorr $100.00
Dennis Marine $100.00
Dennis Tone $100.00
Ed Fox $100.00
Gerard and Janice Markham $100.00
Guy Marsala $100.00
Jack Whalen $100.00
Jay Kimmitt $100.00
John Feagin $100.00
Joseph Albano $100.00
Leland Stedge $100.00
Lou Sosler $100.00
Matt Henrikson $100.00
Mike Stewart $100.00
Pauline Mariany $100.00
Rodney Azama $100.00
Scott Beaty $100.00
Tom Rini $100.00
Amanda Bryan $50.00
Dick Darr $50.00
Henry and Linda Mumma $50.00
John Simar $50.00
Tex Turner $50.00
William Barker $50.00
Davi Winklbauer $25.00
Shanon Castle $25.00
Anonymous $15.00