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About Zachary Wasielewski

Back at it again for my third journey with Bike the US for MS. I'm prepared to travel from my college town of Wilmington NC to my current location in NJ! 

I started in 2015 with this organization biking from Bar Harbor to Seattle and I did a trip across Virginia in 2016. It was probably one of the most eye opening experiences that came about from a rough patch of my life. I swore when I was 18 that I would do whatever I could to give back to those who have been dealt an unlucky hand in life. BTUSFMS has provided me that opportunity and opened my eyes up to so much more.

If you want to see some of my blogs from my journey, please navigate to I don't want donations for myself though. These trips might have started in my head as a way for me to see the country and have a little fun, but quickly I learned that it was so much more than that. These trips were all about the generosity that fortunate people can share with those who have been dealt a tough hand in life.

Obviously, the first reason you should donate is because of the disease. Multiple sclerosis is not something I had a connection with prior to the trip in 2015, but once I signed up for the trip I learned about many people in my life that are affected by it. On the trip, my connection with MS grew even stronger after visiting the MS clinic in Cleveland, MS achievement center in Minneapolis, and the MS clinic in Seattle. The good these groups do with their patients to provide a place for physical healing, mental strength, and an overall optimism that the disease shouldn't stop you from living the best life you can live. To me, that is what this organization is all about. I can't explain how emotional it is to meet these people and see how excited they are that we bike through their town and how optimistic they are when we are talking to them. I really cannot put that into words, but I am putting my body on the line for a 3rd year since 2015 to be a part of this (if that shows you how great it must be)

The other reason to donate, in my opinion, are because of the people. I have belief that I have a high moral compass, but the people in this organization seem like they're from another world with all of the good they achieve together. If you aren't motivated by finding a cure for multiple sclerosis or by supporting me in my endeavors, do it for these people:

Don Frasier - the founder of the organization who started the organization with a few friends because his mother having the disease.

Cassie Wertz - the second in command and caught in a three-way tie as sweetest human being on the planet.

Kaylyn Messenger - the only other employee of the organization, part of  the tie as sweetest human being on the planet, and a cyclist from my trip in 2015.

Emily Huber - the strongest person I have ever met emotionally as well as physically and the last of my three-way sweetest human on the planet tie.

... I already regret the decision of trying to list the amazing people in this organization because I could literally write a novel about all of the people and I have only met a fraction of the people involved with this organization. When all of these amazing human beings get together we initiate change and we garnish hope in this country. Those are the final reasons I have for you to donate; donate to spread hope and joy that even a single person can make a huge impact on the lives of others. This organization is just the sum of it's parts and you might not know them, but the parts of this organization are pretty amazing.

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