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About Alissa and Richard Dahle-Koch

My daughter Alissa and I are excited about the opportunity to bike across the United States for MS.  We've talked about a cross country ride for a few years.  I've actually wanted to do it since my mid twenties.  Now we get to do it for a great cause.
I am a pastor and will be retiring at the end of April this year.  For the past six years I've ridden across Iowa on Ragbrai with Pedaling for Parkinsons.  Alissa and I rode a couple of 100-mile rides together while she was in high school.  She is presently a senior at the University of North Dakota and will graduate this Spring.  In August she will start Physical Therapy school at UND. 
We are so excited for this summer adventure and that we are able to ride in support of MS research and awareness. We will each be fundraising $1.00 for every mile we ride for a total of $7570.00. Even if you only have a dollar to spare, any donation would be so incredibly appreciated! 

Alissa and Richard Dahle-Koch's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $415841

RAISED: $10214
Richard and Diane Dahle-Koch $2875.00
InFaith Community Foundation $1250.00
Kirsten Voss $750.00
Dawn Errede and Bill Krause $500.00
Penny Kranz $400.00
Craig Johnson $250.00
Michael Fahning $250.00
Arthur Caple $200.00
Bob and LaDonna Jacobson $200.00
Dianne and Merrit Marsango $200.00
Janice Uhl $200.00
Kim Mesun $200.00
Sandy Copa $200.00
Annetta Gardner $100.00
Bertine Buchan $100.00
Byron Dahle $100.00
Christy Omohundro $100.00
Dick Dahle $100.00
Erin Alberti $100.00
John and Cynthia Dahle $100.00
Judith and Michael Pasnik $100.00
Judy and Ray Koch $100.00
Karen and Charles Anders $100.00
Kenneth Gogots $100.00
Raymond Unger $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Thrivent Choice $81.00
Liz Leingang $75.00
Steve Bernard $60.00
Aaron Bliss $50.00
Anne Bosch $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Donald and Donna Sjostrom $50.00
Gary Clemens $50.00
hank larsen $50.00
John Slaman $50.00
Karen and John Kroll $50.00
Karla Nicklaus $50.00
Larry Paulson $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
LindaGil Ravelette $50.00
Michael Ridey $50.00
Richard Ford $50.00
steve weaver $50.00
Theron and Lori Drenckhahn $50.00
Wilfred Brown $50.00
Stephen Macklin $38.00
Angela Samargia $30.00
Scott Hegel $30.00
Stauss Family $30.00
Astrid and Bill Ottey $25.00
Dean Burke $25.00
Donna Beamon $25.00
Dorothy Lueth $25.00
John Ortberg $25.00
Mary Jo Fischer $25.00
Shannon O'Connor $25.00
Jeanine Arnold $20.00
Steve and Marci Martinson $20.00
Brooke Meyer $10.00
Kara Kohns $10.00
Anonymous $5.00
Stephen Scherer $5.00