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About Johnsons & Dillons

Hi Everyone……Here is the more “mature” segment of our support team.

Dale & Christine Johnson

Being a participant on the 2010 BTUSFMS ride allowed Dale to fulfill a lifelong dream of bicycling across the US. It truly was one of the great experiences of his life.  Being the organization’s first “mature rider”, at age 58, was an honor. He not only enjoyed being surrounded by all the high potential, funny, and intelligent young people, but also was quite proud to actually keep pace with the youngsters.

During the trip, Dale was very impressed with the dedication and cause of the BTUSFMS organization and knew he wanted to continue to be involved.  Dale is very excited to participate once again as a route leader and to help support the new riders and this great cause. 

Christine will be driving the “scout” or lead vehicle, validating the reservations we’ve made, checking on road detours, finding restaurants, etc. 

Dale and Christine are both early retirees and just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. They always joke that if they did not share a love and interest in both travel and sports, they might have called it quits years ago. Most of their time is spent in a variety of volunteer activities. Dale teaches free adult computer classes for seniors and runs a small after school program in Baltimore City. He also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and is currently spending more time with BTUSFMS. Christine has been involved with Literacy Works and the Linus Project.  It was Literacy Works that led her to volunteer as an english teacher in Hubei Province, China for two summers.  They are both on the board of a foundation called Education Plus. They also started and ran their own travel tour company for ten years where their main tour each year was a college travel-study tour to the American West. They’re hoping some of that experience can be used to help in their roles with BTUSFMS.

Dale has been an avid cyclist his whole life. He has a master’s degree in geography from Towson University. He taught geography part-time for 14 years at Towson University.  His full time career was a combination of geography, environmental and natural resources planning, satellite imagery, Geographical Information Systems, and computer technology

Christine is retired and very much enjoying every minute of it.  She loved her work as a Director of Human Relations for the IT group at McCormick & Company, Inc., the spice people, but nothing compares to retirement.  She has a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in behavioral psychology, but started out as a physical education teacher. Although she will not be bicycling at all during the tour, she has biked quite a bit since childhood including a couple of century rides, lots of long weekend rides, even commuting to work in China, but has done nothing as robust as a cross-country ride.  In addition, she has done bike tours in the Netherlands and China.

Dale and Christine have supported MS research for years because their cousin has this debilitating disease.  This year they will get a chance to again see some of our magnificent country while continuing to support our riders and this worthy cause. If you want an adventure of a lifetime, while helping others.....please join us….or simply make a donation!


Jack & Anne Dillon

We are Jack and Anne Dillon and we live in Towson, Maryland and are neighbors of Dale and Christine Johnson. We hung up our bikes a few years back, but plan to support the riders in a variety of ways. Among other things, we hope to organize more group meals this year and work hard to be the public relations arm of the tour.

In 1996, Jack retired after 36 years working as a planner for Baltimore County, Maryland. He holds a BS degree from the University of Baltimore, a Para Legal certificate from the University of Maryland University College, and a certificate in planning from Georgia Institute of Technology. Jack also studied Landscape Architecture at Morgan State University. After his retirement from Baltimore County he became the Executive Director of The Valleys Planning Council, a private nonprofit (501c3) land use planning and land preservation organization and in 2003 Jack started the consulting firm of Jack Dillon and Associates. He finally retired as a consultant in 2009.

Jack spent most of his professional career working as a community planner to preserve agriculture land and open space in Baltimore County.  Because of his extensive knowledge of local zoning regulations and a concern for communities, he became a planning consultant working primarily with local community organizations to oppose zoning changes and poorly planned development projects. Jack’s involvement with the agricultural community and the U of Md. extension office led him to play a key role in the establishment of the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture. Jack also organized bike tours through rural areas of Maryland to increase awareness for agricultural land preservation.

Anne Dillon was a stay at home mom raising a daughter and two sons and is now a grandmother of five. She also worked for a time at the Valleys Planning Council and as an Aide to a County Councilman. Anne has always had an interest and talent as a restorer of fine furniture and has established a local client list.  She is an avid gardener and the recipient of community recognition for her home landscaping achievements. Jack and Anne share a love of traveling, fishing, and camping with their motor home. Their travels have taken them to China, England, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and the Bahamas.

 As much as they have traveled the world, Jack and Anne have not seen much of our wonderful country. Therefore, this opportunity to travel and work with BTUSFMS fulfills a dream of theirs to drive cross country not using the interstate system so they can appreciate the people and the wonders this country has to offer. They are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to meeting and working with the team.

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Johnsons & Dillons' Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $100000

TEAM RAISED: $100781


Jack & Ann Dillon $500.00
Kathryn & Joseph Tubman $250.00
Gordon & Christine Wandrey $200.00
Stephen George $200.00
Gregory & Helene Belcher $100.00
Margaret Nelson $100.00
Margaret Worrall $100.00
Mary C Logan $100.00
P.D. & Meira Fields $100.00
Susan Pearlman $100.00
Thomas B Lonegro $100.00
Paul Hanley $75.00
timothy darien dillon $75.00
Bonnie L Gray $50.00
Melissa & John Batten $50.00
Richard Shami $50.00
Robert & Patricia Bendler $50.00
Steven Boyle $50.00
Walter Schumacher $50.00
Joyce & Joe Coyne $30.00
Anonymous $25.00
Stephen T French $20.00
Mason Cavell $5.00